Tamil Film Producers’ Council

Heroes to pay 20% of their fees if their films fail: Producers’ Council

Tamil Film Producers’ Council
Tamil Film Producers’ Council

In order to compensate producers making films starring big heroes in the lead, the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) has taken a very important decision which may not go down well with the heroes as they are now required to forfeit 20% of their fee for the films if their films don’t fare well at the box-office.

The Council’s decision has the concurrence of Sarath Kumar, the president of Nadigar Sangam. The decision, though, hasn’t been communicated officially to the press as it would be implemented only from the next week. As per this decision, heroes who take more than Rs.15 crores as their fee per film would have to forfeit 20% of their fee if their films fail to click at the box-office.

Some producers, however, have said on condition of anonymity that it could backfire on producers as the heroes may not entertain their requests for another film in future. It’s also seen as a double-edged sword whereby a hero, who is to pay 20% of the fee to the producer of a film, may ask him to ‘adjust’ the amount with the fee to be paid by him for their next venture!



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