Harris Jayaraj the lyricist debuts in Engeyum Kaathal

Harris Jayaraj the lyricist debuts in Engeyum Kaathal

With the Jeeva starrer KO, composer Harris Jayaraj will make his onscreen debut in a cameo appearance alongside the rest of the cast. It took a lot of persuasion on director K. V. Anand’s side to get the composer face the big camera for KO. Now Harris the actor/composer has also tried his hands writing the lyrics to one of the tracks in his other upcoming release Engeyum Kadhal.

It was more of a ‘fortunate accident’ so to say as Harris discovered his new found talent when working on the album really late into the night. Knowing that it was too late to call in someone sing the songs for him the composer took it upon himself to stir up some creative juices. ‘Kulu Kulu Ven Pani pola’ were the golden words that fumbled out from ‘Harris the lyricist’ for the first time ever.

He was winding up his re-recording for Engeyum Kadhal and it is then that he felt the need to replace the original instrumental piece with a full blown song having lyrics from the man himself. ‘Kulu Kulu Ven Pani pola’ is a real special number for Harris and new comer Arjun has performed the vocal duties on this one.

So both Ko and Engeyum Kaathal have Harris playing double roles in different fields altogether.


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