Harris completes 3 songs and promises only fresh music for Nanban

Harris completes 3 fresh tunes for Nanban

Some time back director Shankar and composer Harris Jayaraj had packed their bags to soak in the hustle of London. Harris had only completed a song by then and it was said to be the theme song for the movie Nanban. Hot news has just poured in saying that the composer and the director now have second thoughts in adapting all the same songs for the movie as Harris has come out with some refreshing ideas.

The composer himself was excited to share the news with us, “Fans can expect all original tunes for Nanban. The songs will be fresh that means we don’t plan to simply put in the tracks from the original Hindi movie.” Harris has completed with 3 songs and is already tapping the keys for the 4th one.

They say London can do wonders, so true. Nanban fans definitely have some good music in store for them.



  1. KK

    yella songsum ore maari thane irundu vandirukku… yennavo ponga… but definitely better than that loosu Devi Sri Prasad. always aracha maavu 

  2. erimalai

    original tune’ah? athu epdi sir ipdi vai koosama poi solreeenga? Yesterday I was watching some english film and I hear the first bit of kannum kannum nokia on a chasing scene….naan appdiye saack ayitten….guys plz put harris copycat in youtube and get to know abt this guy….atleast IR and ARR copy percentage is way lower than other leading tamil music directors …

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