Happy Birthday Vivek


Vivek entered the movies through K Balachander’s Manadhil Urudhi Vendum in 1987.

He delivered his dialogues with enough gusto and did not hesitate in stealing a chance to embark on a long journey from there on.

A great debut was what everyone had to say about him after the movie released. Soon he was to act in comic roles in a lot of movies to come rolling his way.

Movies had a cliché going those days, with the comedian being the close friend to the hero or heroine. It didn’t matter to him as long as he loved doing what he was best at, so he carried along the roles he received in style.

Gradually the star comedian had a company of comedians to accompany him too.Cell Murugan being one noticeable collaborator on screen with whom he too enjoyed a great combination.

Eventually Vivek came to realize that he needs to give the audience a little more than what they were being treated to and started incorporating some clever changes in his script .He adapted to a carefully selection of dialogues which included mimicking popular and yesteryear stars and stalwarts and replaying their trademark dialogues with a comic undercurrent.He never hesitates in bringing forward issues related to unemployment, bribery, superstitions etc. that plagues our society. He has a talent for saying things in a unique way, no one has yet challenged his sweet way of addressing such varied topics with so much ease.

With time he has moved on and is planning to act in Solli Adippaen as a hero.Vivek also dreams of being in a silent comedy in the future.

April 2009, Vivek received the Padma Shri award by the Government of India .He has won four Filmfare Best Comedian Awards and many others.

May his dreams come true as he strives for great hieights in the times to come.

We wish the Chinna Kalaivanar many happy returns of the day.

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  1. arun

    hi vivek wish u many more happy returns of the day,i like your comedy very much and much
    keep on your job.all the best

  2. Vasin

    Do we need jokers and jokes? Do we really need to ‘eeeeeeeeeeeee’ regularly? In UK they call us ‘Thamasha’ people. Ban Jokers. Encourage Killers.

  3. aravind

    he is the biggest actor in india….uurukellm karathu solluvan…..but he has left his mom alone and i had saw her in KK nagar area…roomba nalla nadikureenga…….birthday mattum pothum…..amma ellam summa than

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