Happy birthday Vikram @ John Kennedy


Happy birthday Chiyaan…..Christened John Kennedy by his family, renamed Vikram by cinema and Kenny to his friends, he is today a big name in Kollywood celebrated his birthday today. He started from scratch and made it to the top slowly.

Vikram debuted in 1990, appearing in Tamil and Malayalam, but it took him ten years of ‘hanging on’ before he got his big break. And big it was! Though his 1992 movie Meera did get noticed, it was primarily for its lilting tunes rather than the script, story or cast. In 1997, he landed one of the lead roles in Ullasam, the other hero being Ajith. As the calm, peace-loving Dev, Vikram played the perfect foil to the boisterous role Ajith played. But when Sethu released in 1999, Vikram was rediscovered. He almost immediately became one of the top three Kollywood stars.

Though ‘Sethu’ was not a commercial movie, his next break was ‘Dhill’ directed by Dharani that got him the macho image. From hereon Kenny, as he is fondly called, was unstoppable. With action movies like ‘Dhool’ and ‘Bheema’, he emerged as the invincible action hero of Tamildom.

Proving his acting skills with ‘Kasi’ and many other commercial ventures, Vikram got a national award for best actor for his performance in ‘Pithamagan’ directed by Bala. As the macho he is, his physical appearance was the talk of the town as ‘Remo’ in ‘Anniyan’. With a stylish hair do and great costumes, Vikram pulled of the urban character amazingly. With Remo on one side, the innocent ‘Ambi’ and the fierce ‘Anniyan’, he dealt every character with ease. Do you even have words to describe his acting in ‘Anniyan’?

With age on his side, his amazing physique and high energy on screen, don’t quite let out the secret of his charisma From the rugged character ‘Aarumugam’ in ‘Dhool’ to the stylish CBI officer in ‘Kanthaswamy’, he doesn’t act but live that character.

With ‘Raavan’ releasing round the corner, let us anticipate many more sizzling and stylish flicks from the super hero Vikram! Happy Birthday Chiyaan! Cheers!


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