Happy Birthday Vijay, 36th Birthday Celebration Stills

Happy Birthday Vijay, 36th Birthday Celebration Stills

Ilayathalapathi Vijay Turns 36 today,.Vijay perhaps is the only star who has gained so much popularity and made his space in the hearts of his fans after Rajnikanth, He well deserves it too.

He is charming, looks good, in fact very good and his charismatic looks and acts won him best appreciations from every men and woman who perceive him as ‘A Boy in their own house’.

It’s a great day that will have all Vijay fans engrossed in communal and welfare activities. Vijay‚Äôs connection with his fans is tremendous! The man always listens to his fans and incorporates fruitful suggestions in his movies

Happy Birthday VijayThe All-India Vijay Fans Club had organized a blood donation camp in which 36 Vijay fans are going to donate blood and the camp will be inaugurated by the star himself. As usual, he will gift rings to babies on his birthday and this year, 36 new born will be benefited.

He will then proceed with the food donation camp in which 36 poor families will relish the lunch served. Followed by this, he inaugurates the eye and organ donation camp in which 36 fans will be donating their eyes and organs.

Apart from all these activities, his fans from all around the world will be joining in various social and welfare activities.

Happy Birthday Vijay, And have Wonderful Happy Birthday!

Wish Vijay on Illayathalapathi’s 36th Birthday

Fans, Followers can post their wishes for him here in comments section

Vijay 36th Birthday Celebration Stills

Vijay 36th Birthday Celebration Still-1 Vijay 36th Birthday Celebration Still-2Vijay 36th Birthday Celebration Still-3
Vijay 36th Birthday Celebration Still-4Vijay 36th Birthday Celebration Still-5Vijay 36th Birthday Celebration Still-6Vijay 36th Birthday Celebration Still-7Vijay 36th Birthday Celebration Still-8Vijay 36th Birthday Celebration Still-9


  1. 1213

    ada moola ketta payalugala enda ingavanthu wish panreenga
    vijay enna itha paakavaa poraan
    athula vera silaperu oora vera podurann
    mooola ketta payalugala
    ivanella oru manusan ivanukkellam oru kalusan ayyyo ayyoo

  2. Anonymous

    nalla sonnenga BOSS
    avan ella oru manusan avanukku ivalavu periya aatharavu 
    makku payalugalaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

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