Happy Birthday Thala Ajith as you turn 40

Ajith 40th Birthday

‘Thala’ Ajith Kumar, the Ultimate star of Tamil Cinema, is celebrating his 40th birthday today(May 1, 2011). The man who was born on International Workers Day is a living example of hard work and self confidence and is the role model of many hearts.

Ajith who debuted in Tamil with Amaravathi in 1993 has always been recognized as a whiff of fresh air in an industry that otherwise suffocates with little room for heroes without a backing in filmdom. Ajith’s rise from a near nobody to a recognized star bagging Rs 10 crore for a film has been quite dramatic.

Even though he was launched via a Telugu film ‘Prema Pustagam’, the way Ajith blended with the mass of Tamil Nadu is emotive. He has come a long way from being the chocolate faced lean lover boy of films like Amaravathi, Asai, Kathal Kottai to the mean and angry young man of films like Villain, Vaali, Citizen, Dheena, Varalaru and Billa.

It was ‘Aasai’, which established Ajith’s place in Kollywood while his previous films ‘Amaravathi’, ‘Pavithra’ and ‘ Rajavin Parvaiyile’ showed his talents as a versatile actor. Aasai indeed was a runaway hit at the box-office breaking and established Ajith as an upcoming actor in the Tamil film industry.

Then came ‘Kadhal Kottai’ acting opposite Devayani, directed by Agathiyan which was a block buster in 1996. His third block buster came with Villain, in which Ajith appeared in dual roles, one as a mentally ill handicap, and earned Ajith his second Filmfare Best Tamil Actor Award. Ajith summed up a successful comeback after a few failures by the release of his long-delayed film, Varalaru, directed by KS Ravikumar which went on to become his biggest success til date. Ajith then starred in a remake of a 1980s Rajinikanth starrer, Billa, which became another blockbuster.

This versatile actor is currenly acting in ‘Mankatha’ under the direction of Venkat Prabhu. Mankatha being the Ultimate Star’s 50th movie, his fans will definitely be looking forward to it becoming a super hit movie.

Enjoy Thala Ajith’s Mankatha Mini Trailer

Ajith – A man who has true guts

With commercial movies on one side, Ajith spares a lot of time for his devout passion of automobile racing. He injured his spinal cord during a race and had to undergo three major surgeries and was in bed for one-and-a-half years. After his surgery for a broken vertebra he lost feeling in his legs, but he took on a vow to recover and walked all the way from his home in Madras to the Balaji shrine in Tirupathi, in Andhra Pradesh.

If he surprised everyone on earlier occasions by dropping the ‘Ultimate Star’ tag, explaining that he was at a stage where he can decide things and hence chose to drop the prefix, on Friday Ajith Kumar took yet another important decision of dissolving his fans welfare association, which came as a shock to millions of his fans across the globe. No other actor in his position will have the guts to give up on a fan base which has been built over the years.

May Ajith be blessed with long years of exciting life and continue to bring new laurels to his chequered career & reach new horizons. Happy Birthday Thala!!



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