Happy Birthday Ajith,39th birthday on May 1, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ajith Kumar, Ajith who is celebrating his 39th birthday on May 1, 2010 is a living example of hard work and self confidence and is the role model of many hearts . The man who was born on International Workers Day .

After a couple of movies like ‘Pavithra’ and ‘Amaravathi’, Ajith was recognized in his power-packed performance in ‘Aasai’. He stole the hearts of many with his captivating smile. He just didn’t seem like the guy next door, but like a handsome graceful star. Here started the real journey to ‘ultimate’ stardom.

Ajith-amaravathi movie

With female following increasing by the day, his lover boy image took new turns with movies like ‘Kadhal Kottai’ and ‘Kadhal Mannan’. Here was a foundation built for the next generation of romantic heroes in Tamil cinema. With tough competition from heroes like handsome Prashanth and highly energetic Vijay who is supposedly labelled as Ajith’s archrival.

ajith- kaadhal kottai

Though competition existed, Ajith continued attracting people of all classes of audience. Be it his costumes, his body language or his youth appeal, he managed to strike a chord with the youth with a thriller like ‘Vaali’, his first double-role movie, with one of the characters being a deaf and mute. ‘Vaali’ was a milestone in Ajith’s character that made him sow the seeds for an invincible future.

Transition is something that is natural to all beings in this Universe. Be it the celestial bodies, environment or even humans. Ajith slowly shed his lover boy image and grabbed the mass appeal with sensational director Saran’s ‘Amarkalam’ that happened to be the 25th movie for Ajith. He played a rugged character and probably turned out to be his gateway to superstardom. His heroine in the movie Shalini, was not just someone he would see only at the sets, but later made her his better half. Now they’re a happily married couple with their little one Anoushka.

ajith- Amarkalam

A series of movies that catapulted Ajith to the masses happened. ‘Dheena’ directed by A.R Murugadoss, was one such movie that saw Ajith fight and stretch his muscles. Fans went berserk seeing him use his fists and legs to battle the villains out, making Ajith ready for the 100% Commercial Ingredient Film Menu! He was branded ‘Thala’!


Meaty roles come to those who are in business and Ajith didn’t miss those opportunities. He was part of many multi-starrers as well, ‘Ullasam’ with Vikram, and a biggy in the form of ‘Kandukonden Kandukonden’ starring Malayalam super star Mammootty, Tamil star Abbas along with Bollywood heroines Tabu and Aishwarya. In ‘Kandukonden Kandukonden’, Ajith was at his charismatic best.

ajith- Kandu konden kandu Konden

With experience counting on his side, Ajith became a saleable and dependable actor. With ups and downs, he was always a consistent performer. His ‘Villain’ and ‘God Father’ that was changed to ‘Varalaru’ both directed by K S Ravikumar, made the audience realize Ajith was an actor par excellence. Acting in a triple role in ‘Varalaru’, Ajith indicated his stand for difference in roles unlike his counterparts.

Ajith varalaru

With commercial movies on one side, Ajith spares a lot of time for his devout passion of automobile racing. His interest for the sport is so humongous that the actor has spent exorbitantly on it. Racing on both bikes and cars, Ajith’s concentration was more towards the rocketing cars. After participating at various levels, he is currently participating in the Formula 2 championships. Ask him about his performance, his spirits are always high and he says it’s the interest that keeps him going!

Ajith Racing

On behalf of all our viewers  we wish The Racer, The Actor , A wonderful Human – Mr.Ajith Kumar , a very Happy Birthday and Good Luck.



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    Happy birthday sollu Brother okay…Best in Tamil industry ellam konjam over than…….there r ppl who is more than him..so blidly dont give any comments as ur Ajith fan….

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    என்னைக்கும்…. எங்கயும்…. எப்போதும்… நீதான் தல நம்பர் .1

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    தலைக்கு… எனது இனிய பிறந்தநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்………………..
    Keep it up thala………………

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    happy b'day THALA..You are now the best after the likes of Kamal,Rajni etc. Vijay is no where near you. All the best THALA.

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    Hai Ajith anna,
    wish u a very very happy bday!I like u very much.All the best for ur F3 race and ur forthcoming Movie.Thala always rocks!!-Bala

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    thala pola varuma………
    thala pola veruma……..
    nadaiyil udaiyil kadaiyil kodaiyil ………..
    thodai thatti adipathil thalai vetti muripathil ………..
    thala pola varuma ……
    thala pola varumaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………..
    happy birthday thala…….

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