Happy Birthday A R Rahman as you turn a 44

Rahman looking out,what's next
Rahman looking out,what's next

It’s been almost 2 decades of mesmerizing music, grabbing ears and turning heads.

Those glorious years are still afresh and so do the melodies which can still hold you hypnotized.

That quintessential feeling when you listen to those tracks be it “Pudhu Vellai Mazha” for the estranged soul, or Urvasi Urvasi for the foot thumping kid next block or may it be Thamizha Thamizha to quench the thirst of ardent western classical fans Isai Puyal Rahman has got something for everyone ranging from Carnatic music to Western classical,from Hindustani music to Qawwali and how can we forget the Symphonic Orchestral themes and the gripping background scores. Yet he keeps us entrapped in his own mystical world – no wonder they call him the musical storm, a genius in his own right.

After chopping down Kollywood , Bollywood and other woods he made a stomping arrival in Hollywood grabbing the prestigious Oscars and is currently competing for the Best Original Score for the Motion Picture category at the Golden Globes.

The world surely seems too small a place for our musical God.

Well after all these years Rahman has finally decided to rest his hat for a year even though we are still thirsty for more we would rather hope that you enjoy your refreshing break and we definitely know you will be back with a bang.

We wish you a 44th Happy Birthday A R Rahman ….as we wait patiently rather impatiently for more from you.



  1. Sara

    Vanakam Jai Ho Sir!

    Wish u many many more happy returns of the day!!!!!! Vaalke vaalke valamudan!!!! Ima big fan of u! Success ur Jai Ho World Tour!!! When u come to Swiss, Paris nd Germany??? We r wating 4 ur best performance here. Tell us when u come??? We r exciting for u!!!!

    Take care best wishes 😎

  2. hakkim

    இனிய பிறந்தநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் ,தமிழா .மக்காஹ்வில் உனக்காக  து ஆ செய்யும் ஹக்கீம் .

  3. Naan Oru Tamilan

    You have bring great music from heaven…
    You have bring indian music to another whole level…
    You have bring great music to people’s ears…
    You have make India proud…

    AR Rahman Sir,
    You have define music in so detail…
    You have taught younger generation what is music all about…
    You are a person that I cannot forget in my life…
    I will and always respect you and your music Sir,
    Despite i cant wish you directly…
    I hereby, through Kollytalk.com…
    Wish you many many happy returns of the day Sir!
    I wish and hope you will live long and create many more magic in music!

  4. முனியாண்டி

    இனியாவது உனது பழைய ஹிட் சாங் மாதி கொடுடா……..

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