GV Prakash sings for Chiyaan Vikram

GV Prakash
GV Prakash

Do you still keep humming Athe Athe from Aadukalam? Well, it is no surprise, after all GV Prakash announced his arrival as a music director and not to forget a singer with that number.

Very few know about his stint in the song Chikku Bukku Chikku Bukku Railye in Shankar’s movie Gentleman thanks to uncle AR Rahman.

Hey, you know it was not his choice to sing for the song in Aadukalam though but he did it on insistence by the director, talk about lack of self confidence GV! You even sang for Harris Jayaraj in Anniyan and Unnale Unnale didn’t you?

Looks like the singer in him is growing with every successive project as now GV Prakash has for AL Vijay’s new movie featuring Vikram.

He tweeted ,

“Really thrilled about Deivamagan theme music we have named it Life is beautiful. You should look forward for it is interesting”

Oh Yes! We will for sure, so kollytalkers spread the word to all GV Prakash fans. Let us know what you think of the song as soon as you get to listen it.



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