Goa Duration cut by 40 Mins

Goa tamil movie

It looks like filmmakers have become much conscious about the ‘duration’ of their films, with films of long duration apparently loosing on audience’s interest. It was clearly demonstrated with Selvaraghavan’s ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’ (190 mins) that had favorable results after 30 mins were trimmed from the film.

Now Venkat Prabhu seems to have implemented a smarter way to avoid such speculations. It seems that the complete duration of Goa is 3hrs 10mins, which has been reduced to 2½ hrs. Closer sources have revealed that Venkat Prabhu and producer Soundarya Rajinikanth had deleted certain sequences that didn’t have enough substance.

Venkat Prabhu’s Goa is hitting screens this weekend (January 29) with more prints compared to his previous films.


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