Goa confirmed for Jan 29!

Venkat Prabhu who earlier films Chennai-28 and Saroja got ‘U’ certificates seem to be in a state of shock after his new film Goa, got an ‘A’ certificate for its ‘adult theme’.

However, the director and his team made light of it at a press meet arranged at Four Frames preview theatre on Saturday afternoon. Says Venkat Prabhu: “Goa is an A class entertainer, that’s why the film got an ‘A’ certificate!”

The ‘Goa’ team was up to their usual antics at the press meet, pulling each other’s legs and having ball and playing down the ‘A’ certification and theme of the film. Venkat feels that the film should have got a ‘PG’ (Parental Guidance) rating but unfortunately there is no such classification in India.

Venkat also added that the film which is in a romantic comedy genre has Sneha and Pia as added additions to his regular team, and both are said to have done a great job. He also clarified that Sneha is not doing a bikini act as a section of the media wrote and the pictures that appeared are morphed.

The film releases on January 29 worldwide.


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