Gnani’s Letter in support of Ranjitha, after the Nadigar Sangam Failed to react

Its is a shame on the Nadigar Sangam to remain in silence without taking any action in the Ranjitha issue, while it acted very fast in actress Bhuwaneshwari’s issue” says famous writer Gnani. The sexual video containing Ranjitha and Nithyananda has arosed a question “What the Nadigar Sangam was going to do?”

But the Nadigar Sangam  remained in silence. Suriya was one of the personalities who was very eager in bringing the Actresses Protection Act, he was even ready to spend any amount of money on that issue. But now everyone is out  escaping from the press and hiding themselves. Sathya Raj and Vivek who were against the press for the actvities carried by press in bringing the things to light, are now refusing to meet the press.

In this situation Sarath kumar spoke on behalf of Nadigar Sangam  that it can’t take any action as she was not a member of the Sangam. Later, in another interview he said Sangam can’t interfere in anyone’s personal matters. If Ranjitha was forcefully involved in the sexual activities then it can take action. He further added that no one can get involved in the after 6 activities of any individual. Nadigar Sangam has it’s own limits and it can’t cross it’s line under any circumstances.

At this instance, famous writer Gnani has thrown himself against the silence of Nadigar Sangam on Ranjitha issue. He has written an article under the heading “Letter to Ranjitha“. The letter follows as below,

“Your individual rights has been crossed very badly and it is your  own right to have sex with the person you like. Until it affects you, no one has the right to interfere or pass comment. Your face in the video should have been masked as it was not you the person who needed to be exposed, It was the other person who was to be brought to the light.

When Bhuwaneshwari was arrested the Nadigar Sangam was against it and now the whole Sangam is silent on your issue. This is a shame for the Nadigar Sangam. There is nothing told  in the video you were indulged in prostitution. You were having sex with a person you like, that’s it.

Right from Savithri to Kanaka life of most of the actresses have been with  pain and sorrows, . You have to come out and share your experience with the outside world. I believe  that would be a lesson to be learnt not only for the future actresses, but even a common woman.



  1. Anonymous

    The remarks/requests made by Gnani on Nadigar Sangam and Ranjitha is valid and most appropriate. Ranjitha needs to come out and state her position thereby clearing the air whatsoever it maybe. Just giving a brief interview and saying it was her and she was offering her service puts her morality and other actresses' in question.
    Nadigar Sangam need to take proactive steps to protect fellow actors/actresses well-being, whether they members or not; as it affects all of them, innocent or not….just need responses from the general population.

  2. Anonymous

    For once i completely agree with this guy. It was not her who need to be exposed, it was nithyananda. Sex happens every where, in office, colleges, pubs, lovers have sex and some times they just do not get married. Do we all talk about it?? No, 'coz it doesn't have glamour quotient to it… What did sarath kumar do , or radhika do ??? She was married multiple times and he left his wife for this bitch ?? What kind of morale these people set ?? Nadigar sangam is all waste of time. they have no morale but want to preach others!!

  3. Anonymous

    We cant change the actress and actors. Today Ranjitha, tommorrow ?. For outside world many actress acting like a karpukarasi, most actress like Manjula Vijayakumar whole sale prostitute. Everyone knew it, but cant do anything bcoz having power (politics, Rowdies, Gangs). So no use talking abt this matter.

  4. Anonymous

    Even this guy Gnani himself is not successful in his married life, the reason for that he says the marriage interfers in their holy friendship (between him and his wife-he is claiming they were very good friends). Now he is coming to back Ranjitha from the issuse.. IT IS VERY SAD AND FATE OF TAMILNADU EVEN THIS GUY IS BEING CONSIDERED AS WRITER SOCIAL PERSON. ONLY GOD HAVE HELP US.

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