Gnanavel Raja’s wife Neha

Gnanavel Raja’s wife Neha takes actresses to task; delets Twitter comments

Gnanavel Raja’s wife Neha
Gnanavel Raja’s wife Neha

Neha, the more-than-good-looking wife of distributor-producer Gnanavel Raja who is a close relative and family friend of actors Suriya and Karthi, has described actresses in tinsel town as ‘bitches’ who were habitual of chasing married men and producers.

Raja’s Studio Green is one of the most frontline production houses in today’s Tamil film industry and as such, Neha’s comments can’t be ignored altogether, critics feel. “Some actresses are home-breakers who are worse than sex-workers. These actresses target only married men and they also seem to be ready to go to bed (with them) at any time. I have a list of such actress and would reveal it soon,” Neha’s tweet said.

Soon, she posted another tweet stating she was deleting her tweet as some ‘sensitive things’ were not meant for entertainment. “My post wasn’t a domestic problem as I and Raja are on good terms. The tweet was a result of my many encounters with actresses and about these bitches who chase married men…I deleted the tweet as it’s basically an issued faced by women created by women themselves!” Neha said.

Neha also said that she was deleting it also for the sake of her ‘poor husband’ who was being bullied as if he faced some domestic issues from her. She also said that social media being so powerful, she wanted ‘sensible’ support and a patient ear. Neha’s Twitter comments might have been just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, some critics point out.


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