Genelia smile please


We have heard fans going crazy whenever they got an autograph by their favorite star but some seem to be far more content if only they could see their idols smile for them.

Genelia was for shooting Vijay’s ‘Velayudham’ in Pollachi but the rains seemed to be against it , so she decided it would be better heading back to the Coimbatore airport.

As usual many of her fans were fighting for her autograph while one amongst them came up with a gesture that even swept Genelia off her feet.

‘Ma’am, please give us your trademark smile’

Yes you heard it right that’s all the fan wanted, a delightful Genelia didn’t shy away at the request and was glad about the admirable gesture from her fans.

Wow! Genelia you surely seem to enjoy the best of times with your fans for now.

There are something’s in life money can’t buy for everything else there is Genelia’s smile.


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