Genelia D’Souza brand ambassador for Margo soaps

Genelia D'Souza

Days have come where without a brand ambassador the product doesn’t move in the market. Genelia D’Souza has now a long list of brands for which she endorses. The new addition to her list is Margo soaps.

It’s a common adage that ‘Bollywood is the place where fate changes every Friday’. The same fact can also be reflected on the ever-changing ad arena. On one hand, where (almost) every single brand is trying to enhance its image by appointing Brand Ambassadors a dime a dozen, every Bollywood actor is having a field day under the sun!

In a place where ‘replacement’ seems to be the key word, comes yet more news which only confirms the said term. India’s most popular (natural) soap Margo was till late endorsed by Rani Mukherjee. But, according to our confirmed sources, she has been replaced by the ‘bubbly-cious’ Genelia D’Souza. With this endorsement, it will be the ninth brand in the girl’s kitty. The other brands she is endorsing are: Spinz, Cadbury’s Perk, Fanta, Virgin Mobiles, LG Mobiles, Fastrack watches, Dabur hair Oil and Garnier.


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