Genelia dropped from Vijay’s Velayudham Also No More Genelia in Tamil Films

Genelia dropped from Vijay's Velayudham

The International Indian Film Academy(IIFA) awards began on June 3rd 2010 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce, Producers Council, Nadigar Sangam and FEFSI had demanded that the actors and actresses should not attend the Indian film festival being held at Sri Lanka where thousands of innocent Tamil people were brutally murdered.

South Indian film industry has also decided not to cooperate with these actors who attended the IIFA event.

Big stars like Rajni, Kamal, Amitabh Bachchan, Sharukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan  and Aishwarya Rai have stayed away from this function in the gesture of respecting the tamil sentiments.

But there had been widespread reports that Genelia flew down to Sri Lanka to take part in the event, defying the warnings issued by the Tamil film industry.

But Genelia had denied the media reports saying she had not gone to IIFA in Sri Lanka defying the sentiments of Tamils.

But according to sources, Nadigar Sangam has complained that it was true that Genelia attended the IIFA function along with her lover Ritesh Desmukh. “Later hearing the news of the decision of southern film industry she immediately returned back to India. Her passport will tell us the truth”, they added.

Genelia who has been currently signed for Vijay’s Velayudham produced by Aaskar Ravichandran. But Following  Actors Association’s decision to take action against Genelia, producer Aaskar Ravichandran has decided to drop Genelia from the project Velayudham.

The South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce, Producers Council, Nadigar Sangam and FEFSI have also decided that Genelia will not be approached for any Tamil films henceforth.



  1. Anonymous

    Tamilankku rosham irukkungaradha prove pattinakkanga

    Well done Ravi chandran

    But pls don't back again saying she was in mumbai only

  2. Anonymous

    you guys are all hypocrites… when karunanidhi changed the tamil new year from 14th April to 14 Jan … you guys did not even bothered to protest .. all the medias and TV channel did not even bothered to correct it they went on to say thai thirunal … en potrandu nal vazhthukal nu sollalame ?… first enemy to Tamil Culture is Karunanidhi .. can someone do something about it .. no !

    Andha kamanati Seeman kapalieshwarar kovil la adikinum anga church kattanum nu solaranga … sambandar matrum thruvasagar paadiya edam adhu … number one enmies to tamil is Seeman and Co… ivanga irukara varaikkum Eelam raktham sindhum! Mudunja dravida manar gaala katta patta kovila gala kaapatha parunga … illana seeman and company .. TAMIL perula Christianity introduced panavanga . Idhukku oru kootu veraa thooo!

  3. Anonymous

    Iam a srilankan tamil who born in nellur, and now staying in wellawatta.
    I dissopint with the indian tamils, coz they behaving like they dont have a brain….
    The International Indian Film Academy(IIFA) awards function tickets are not selling only for the sinhalese, as well as the tamil peoples also.
    Then y these stupids are interrupting and block everything for the innocent tamils who staying in sri lanka….
    oh indian tamils(like seemaan, u got every thing and doing fcuking politics with this problem but these innocent srilankan tamils are just starting to come out what the point of stoping every thing and make another heat between the two races again. when u going to stop this????
    u guys are staying out of our world(Sri Lanka)… now war end all indian tamils come to sri lanka and check how the pepls are living and if u can help them to get what they need now. do not stay away and shout, u can shout the rest, but ur words become make another tregedy in our country dont make this again, we need peace..
    now shut every thing and let enjoy us…

  4. Anonymous

    jenilia already visited to srilanka when the movie boys released….
    that time u guys are so silent….
    then y now…..கேட்கப் பாக்க ஆளில்லாட்டி…. சந்துல சிந்து பாடுற கூட்டம் சீமான் & கோ.
    அரசியல்ல இதெல்லாம் சஹஜம் ஆயிடுச்சு……
    ஐயோ ஐயோ…..

  5. Anonymous

    hello srilankan tamil person, what is nellur? ( that is nallur). you living happily in wellawatta. do u know what is going in JAFFNA? do u want this function at this time? if you r tamilan give this money to tamil peoples. ok
    now we don't think about functions or politics (if u r tamilan). i think u don't know about war or pain.

  6. Anonymous

    i am also a SRI LANKAN TAMIL!…and i agree with the other sri lankan tamil few comments above….leave us and our country alone!!!….ur not sri lankan…u don't have to care about our problem….in a time where sinhalese and tamils are learnin to live side by side with each other….u ppl create problems…get a life..after war is done u guys come…but b4 that u guys hide away..not supporting the tamils….just mind ur own business..we lankan tamils want to live in peace!

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