Genelia at Telugu film ‘Orange’ Sets: feels Australia safe multi-cultural haven


Attack on Indian students in Australia in the recent past have seeded fear in the miinds of Indians. But Genelia D’Souza who is currently shooting in Melbourne for her Telugu film ‘Orange’ says she finds Melbourne a safe mutli-cultural haven.

She said that she likes a lot shooting in the exotic locales in and around the Australian city. Genelia added “I personally think it’s a great city. I feel safe here. There are always some unsafe places everywhere in the world and not just in Australia.”

Singing on the beauty of the country, she says, “Australia is amazing. The real beauty is that it is so multicultural and so cosmopolitan. You can see different people at one place here. I have had a lot food.”

On the attacks made on Indians, she says, “It is sad that some violent incidents have happened in Australia and Indians have been targeted. But I feel very safe. I have been riding on the trams and enjoying the multi-cultural cuisine on offer.” Genelia, who is currently acting in a Tamil film titled ‘Uthamaputhiran’, opposite Dhanush, recently met Bronwyn Pike, the Education Minister of the State of Victoria and told him she is enjoying exploring the city.


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