Gauthami’s Niece Keerthi is the Heroine of Young India

Gauthami's Niece Keerthi is the Heroine in Young India’

Gauthami was introduced to Tamil films through Guru Shishyan in the year 1988. And now, a new member from her family has entered the cinema industry, She is Keerthi, the established actress’s niece, who debuts as  the lead actress of Tollywood’s latest flick titled ‘Young India’.

Keerthi, who is keen at acting in Tamil films too, says, “I feel proud that my aunt is a popular face in south Indian cinema. She and Kamal Haasan gave me valuable tips when they were in Hyderabad a few months ago.

Interestingly, director of ‘Young India’ D Narayana Rao  say he didn’t know that Keerthi was  a close relative of Gauthami till he finalised her for the role. “Because, I didn’t want to use Gauthami’s name to bag the offer,” she says.

Saying she had even kept her acting plans a secret from her aunt, the young actress adds: “I told her that I was there in Narayana Rao’s film only after things got finalised. She was all smiles and said that I am lucky.”


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