Gautham Menon’s new thriller movie

Gautham Menon new thriller movie

The latest buzz is about Gautham Menon’s new untitled thriller that is progressing in and around Chennai and ECR.

Gautham introduces his long-time assistant Veera as the hero in this film and and Sameera Reddy is playing the lead lady role.

It is said to be a 90 minutes psychological thriller made like a Hollywood whodunit movie.

For the first time, Gautham will not be having any music for his film! The buzz is that he may not even have the mandatory background music, to give the film an eerie thriller feel.
Very interesting, isn’t it?

The film is reportedly about obsessive love and the violence associated with it.

Gautham is planning to have only a limited release of the movie, which is said to be a “new age film for multiplex audiences“. The film which was started as a “quickie’ and may hit the screens in July.



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