Gautham Menon issues statement against Nadunisi Naaygal protestors

Gautham Menon
Gautham Menon

Gautham Menon’s Nadunisi Naaygal has been receiving a lot of criticism with its bold representation of a hard hitting subject. On February 27th around 20 men from the Hindu Makkal Katchi were arrested as they tried to stage a demonstration rallying with some street dogs to the director’s house in Kaanagam, Chennai. The rally came to a halt as the protesters were stopped before reaching Gautham’s house by the police officials. Howsoever a response was awaited from Gautham to the statements made by HMK secretary  Kannan who demanded that the scenes portraying a weak relationship between an adopted mother and the mentally instable youth need to be deleted from the movie as they were ‘objectionable’ and are against the values instilled in us through Hindu epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Gautham in return said, “The movie has been passed by the censor Board with an ‘A’ certificate and all the scenes are an essential part in the portrayal of the idea.It’s based on a true story and the mentally challenged person has been shown as an instable character, I certainly dint have any intention to cause harm to anyone’s sentiments.”

A candid reply by Gautham,for those who tried to question his freedom of expression.



  1. lol

    i swear down, if people dont like it. dont watch it, simple. its like saying your hindu so everyone should obey hinduism and be a hindu, stupid

  2. man

    applause to gautham menon for that strong statement 🙂 wtf is wrong with people….finding ways to pick on the talented ones…it’s called freedom to create a film, it is supposed to be creative, stop supressing it!

  3. Vasin

    When I was in school I too was sexually attracted by a close relative 15 years elder than me. I didn’t have a fall in the pit but the I didn’t have a real chance. What Gowtham shows is not untrue. However I am not going to support him because I don’t believe in doing movies to reflect reality. Apdina Aadukalam pola Lungi padanga kooda acceptable illiya; no. I like movies on positive perceptions.

  4. Sasi Nair


    Good Job!

    Do not be worried! Cowdung today will not be tomorrow once rained. Can these protestors go and sit in front of 2G scam owners? This is a public stunt. India has witnessed million times more than this, when Shiv Sena and RSS did all the nonsense a decade ago. Fanatism is not going to live long but creativity. You should file a complaint againts the Hindu Hilarious Front for not letting you and your family live peacefully. These unemployed folks do not understand the difference between reality and creaity; facts and fictions. Call these guys and give them a role in your future projects, then these monkeys will disappear in no minutes. The scene is true in real life as even I had had felt it with one of the neighbours in 1980s. Love and Sex does not have sense. That’s realized only pretty late. These guys are pretenders to get a political stunt as election is round the corner. Fundamentalism must be eradicted in a democratic set up. These protestors are an example of unemployment in Tamil Nadu. Government must answer to these gathering sitting idle and wasting resources.

  5. kani

    waste movie but great attempt…… scenes in first half is disturbing,,unfortunately incidents shown in movie happenin in todays world(india)….. .

  6. hubert

    hope these guys are not aware of thiruvillayadal..she is only an adopted mother.. but lord shiva gave saba vimochanam to a man commited incest with his own mother killing his father this happened during the ancient period..atleast these things were made public nowadays..ramyana and mahabharatha thought nothing but how to kidnap other mans wife and how to gamble using ur own wife.. illegitimate child cheating vengeance

  7. babu

    Why cannot directot association can come and sort this out. If you dont like the movie dont go and watch. Any political persons dont have any right to ask the director to remove a seen from a movie.

  8. Ram

    Gautam Sir, I havent watched the film but i strongly beleive in your film quality and no one can stop your creativity. Especially none of the politicians doesnt have any arugathai to question creators like you. Let them look at their back and clean thier shit first. They are here for money making / katta panchayat and let them continue doing whatever they want to as nobody is going to stop them from doing those shit and thats the fate of this country also. As our frnds are saying these stunts are happening as the election is round the corner. Guys I dont think so any of the politicians has any bloody rights to speak about the good or bad about any films…

  9. DMK- arumugam

    Vasim you are good.
    Dei Gautham un perai neeye keduthukkaaathe daa, nee nalla director thaandaa yaendaa kenathanama ippa padam edutha?

    Evano oruvan seiran thappai enbathrakaaga ellarukkum pottu kaaatttathey daaa, puriyuthaa?

  10. Anniyan

    better go and see the blue film.. people like you only waste.. go and see the movie again with your wife..

  11. Vasin

    Maanga Site Owner

    Please introduce identity validation. ‘Anniyan’ on this page is not the real Anniyan. Some people do this to me too. They write opposite comments!

  12. Rajesh

    Though the film is interesting at the end,It is boring to see the entire film with sexually harrased girls.Also i feel it is not necessary for Gautham menon to shoot such a kind of movie which creates big question mark in everybody’s mind.Next time people will not go just like that to watch his movie.All his earlier movies were awesome.This is completely horror,terrible to watch.Girls beaware of boys who are unknown.!!! Dont believe at first sight.

  13. Ratna PS

    All the negativ commentators!!! U ppl r so stupid!! I really cant think what kind of mentality u all hv. Everytime just comment only. Its a true story wat!! So wat u ppl prob.. Unga mathiri, antha HMK kannan mathiri ppl erupathenale INDIA innum appadiye irukku… most jobless ppl in this & always like to condemn
    others effort!!! Real dungus !!

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