Gautham Menon: I didn’t have enough courage – Interview


Gautham Vasudev Menon is a modern day director many say and his collaboration with the legendary Kollywood composer Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja is the talk of town. The music album is has been hailed as the biggest hit of the year by music afficianados globally. We caught up director Gautham himself as he shared with us his unique experience.

Hi Gautham first of all congratulations, if it was not for your movie, we would have never witnessed such a spectacle. The music launch was a special day for Tamil cinema and it will surely spark off a new trend here onwards.

Thank you, I am glad that I could get across and share my ideas with some great musicians around the globe. It was an overwhelming experience for me too.

We would love to hear you unfold the journey behind the Gautham – Ilaiyaraaja collaboration.

Well, during my growing years and even before that Ilaiyaraaja Sir was one name that everyone looked upto for some good music . This movie is about a budding love story. I wanted a new sound and with that in my mind initially approached Raja Sir. For some reason I was hesitant at first maybe because I didn’t have enough courage.

You bet Raja Sir has introduced a dose of freshness with his compositions. Were you surprised when initially industry insiders published it as a sarcastic comment that you were associating with Raja Sir.

Well many of my fans have asked me about this time and again but it always surprises me as many talked about how unexpected, surprising, unbelievable! it is for Gautham Menon to join hands with Ilaiyaraaja.

Critics have been of the view that your movies have an urban charm about them .

No comments, it is for them to interpret after all they are a part of the audience too.

Sir you have worked with Harris Jayaraj, A R Rahman and now Raja sir, how has this journey been?

It is definitely a grand experience sitting alongside Raja Sir and soaking in some tantalizing melodies. I think it is the way he plays a tune. As a matter of fact I have constantly been sending my fans pictures of the entire music creation process from the studio. On the other hand Harris and Rahman have a different approach, they only call me after they have a rough layout of the song ready. I am glad that I had the luck to drift across a stream of emotions alongside one of India’s legendary composers.

It was a very satisfying experience isn’t it?

More than satisying! if I had a longer movie I could incorporate all the 14 tunes, haha.

Haha, so you chose only eight of them. Are soft melodies more tough?

Yes certain songs have to create a different visual mood and we have reworked some sections just to fit the song’s mood.

Could you tell us a bit about the composing process?

The whole composition starts of by me describing him the place, genre and instrumentation and of course the situation between the characters and their point of view. Then sir starts to compose a tune. He would create many tunes and finally we had a selection between 8 songs from a list of 14. It was a tough choice to make. After the short listing process we decided to fly to London.

Recently we read on your twitter page a huge support for Nani?

Nani, is the most confident actor I have come across after a long time.

If you had a chance to select one song from the current 8 which would it be?

Haha, that is a difficult one but Karthik’s Katrai Konjam is a song I can’t get off my mind.

Thank you sir for your time. Movie goers will be raving about your movie for a long time to come. Bringing back ‘Vintage Raja’ music was indeed a great idea and having a wonderful cast and crew makes Neethane En Ponvasantham, a must watch for everyone. Our best wishes. 



  1. Truth

    Load of shit. When u listen to the album he has mixed many of his old tunes and gone short in pulling the rabbit out of the hat. The current trend setters like Harris and arr are totally in a different category. He has over powered the instruments and the lyrics do not standout. Gvm could not delete any of the songs due to status issues and this indicates the movie is going to be well over three hours and wonder how will it will be received.

    1. Swarna akka

      @Truth: korangu..truth pesura vengayam pesura nu olaratha .ivaru periya isai puli..load of shit ah. are u in toilet?? enna mixed many of his old tunes.good atleast he dont copy others music… . Illayaraja music is good & brillant composition in NEP. nee evvalu kacheri concert panni irukkha.vaayila appadiye pokkunu kudatha theriyum.. if u say illayaraja’s music is load of shit…u r shit u dnt even have basic sense to listen good music..

      1. Jay

        Shut the fuck up you bitch.. what truth said is rite.. this asshole gautham got no talent and his way of story telling in all his films suck big time… Coming to Raja’s music.. he was a king in 80’s.. but not anymore.. he can never sell albums like ARR.. so shut the fuck up u fuckin piece of shit.. don’t give us all the crap.. shut the fuck up and get the hell out.. nobody asked for your opinion bitch..

        1. Swarna akka

          dai truth naaye..jay nu peru mathi edhukku ippadi naai madhiri kolaikura… ippo porikki unnodaiya opinion yaaru keta..loosu pannada paradesi..

        2. rsg

          Hi I am a ARR fan too, but I love Raja’s music,both are legends , don’t compare them.Now selling albums is like marketing , don t say that raja’s music cant sell as good as ARR. even you can find the cds of 80’s music still in all stores.every one has the right to comment , but don’t insult the great composer like IllayaRaja.

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