Gautham Menon and AR Rahman for a tele serial

Gautham Menon and Rahman togetherGautham Menon in an exclusive talk with a leading newspaper daily revealed his plans for a television series in partnership with AR Rahman himself.

Gautham said, “Yes I do have plans to make 150 episode Tv series. As the episodes have been planned to be aired on the first day of the week i.e. Monday and conclude on the resulting Friday of the same week we can expect 5 full days packed with thrilling mysteries to be solved.

I will be producing and directing the series and Parthiban is the choice for the actor’s role. Rahman has also nodded a yes for the music.”

Gautham however made it clear that it is not a mere adaptation of crime drama television series like 24 or CSI even though there are some shades in common. The producer/director is also expecting Vijay Tv to take up this project as talks are going on.

Gautham Menon celebrated his birthday this February 25th (Friday), as he received birthday wishes from friends and family members wishing him a good year ahead.Chubby actress Samantha too extended her wishes saying  “Happy birthday sir, you are the reason for what I am today. “

Gautham certainly has a nice birthday surprise for us with the news of him and Rahman coming together once again.



  1. Tamilan

    i cant say anything the crime serial super dupper hit in tamil serial industry, today serials are bore depends upon the only women, in tamil serial minimum 300 episodes and maximum there is no end. 

  2. Sasi Nair


    This is really a welcome change for the TV & Entertainment industry in Tamil Nadu. Television has the longest, widest, and largest peneration among audience. Who can forget “The World This Week” by Prannoy and Appon Menon or “Yeh Hi Zindagi” by Nailini Singh or “Living On The Edge” by Niret Alva or “Turning Point” by Pritish Nandy or “Pop Time” by Parvathi Khan or “Neela Mala” or “Rayil Snegangal” or “Chithra Paavai” ….

    People like Gautam and ARR should enter into Television Content and enrich this media so that people do not throng only Films for their creative freedom, stardom, and kingdom.

    Television, if properly accounted and taxed, can be a good source of employment, entertainment, and engagement for fresh talents from all walks of life and aging talents from the film industry. This can be also a launch pad for freshers and saving solace for no-so-much-successful artistes and technicians from mainstream cinema.

    I really love this idea of ARR and GVM breaking new grounds, once again. Parthiban can be a perfect example of survivor instincts and winners-never-quit type in the highly speculative film industry. This will also lead a way to corporatization of film industry as in the West.

    All the best, ARR, GVM, and RP!

    Sasi Nair
    A silent revolutionary

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