Gautami thanks audiences for rolling out ‘red carpet’ to her


Gautami, Kamal Haasan’s live-in partner who paired up opposite him in the recently-released Papanasam, has thanked Tamil audiences for rolling out ‘red carpet’ to her and making her comeback movie a grand success.

Papanasam, Tamil remake of the super-hit Malayalam film Drushyam, has managed to strike an emotional cord with the viewers as women and family audiences have been flocking to the theatres to watch the film. Despite the stupendous success of Baahubali which released last week, Papanasam continues to draw crowds to movie-halls. Gautami ended her long hiatus from films by playing Kamal Haasan’s heroine in Papanasam.

Crew members, technicians and artistes of Papanasam have thanked the people for making the film a huge success at the box-office. “I thank the people for helping our film Papanasam click in a big way at the box-office. At the same time, I also like to thank them personally for having welcomed me with ‘red carpet’ though I returned to big screen after many, many years.

“I’m thankful to the Almighty for helping the film succeed. I would once again love to thank all those involved with the making of the film, my fans, audiences, critics, print and television media and the people,” Gautami concluded.


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