Ganesh Venkataram-Commondo in Kandahar

Ganesh Venkataram-Commondo in Kandahar

Ganesh Venkataraman plays Amitabh Bachchan’s son in the film Kandhakar, who becomes a commando and goes on the Kandahar Mission along with Major Mahadevan played by Mohanlal. Sources say that Ganesh has been working very hard to look and behave like an authentic commando and is undergoing commando training under the guidance of Major Ravi.

Ganesh Venkataram is well known for the preparation he does for his roles. In his first film Abhiyum Naanum he played Joginder Singh – a Sardar economist on the lines of young Manmohan Singh.

In  Unnaipol Oruvan he played an angry young Muslim cop Arif Khan from the anti-terrorism squad, Ganesh was simply brilliant.

In his upcoming film Muriyadi coming from the K. Balachander banner, Ganesh plays a fiery young lawyer from Coimbatore called Vijay who fights against the injustice done to the poor and underprivileged people in society.



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