Forget that I introduced Kamal and Rajini says K Balachander

K Balachander with Rajini and Kamal
K Balachander with Rajini and Kamal

The audio launch at Eesan was filled with moments and some were emotional too. The function witnessed Director Ameer addressing K Balachander and welcoming the veteran to the podium. Balachander was hesitant to steal the spotlight but to the delight of many he agreed to the request.

Balachander speaking to the audience said, “Its high time people forget the fact that it was me who introduced Superstar Rajinikanth, Padmashree Kamal Haasan and many others but all this is part of an era gone by. We need to look into the present and the younger generation of  filmmakers; yes it is you on whose shoulders rest the greatest responsibility. You need to concentrate on innovative ideas and experiment with them only to take Tamil cinema to an all new level. I offer my best wishes to you to set benchmarks never set before and to reach heights unsurpassed yet.”

We too hope that Tamil cinema reaches new heights and that many new stars be born only to carry forward this great legacy.



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