Surya Kajal

Foreign locale for Maatraan’s last song

Surya Kajal

Maatraan Director KV Anand presently shooting at the Binny Mills complex, has decided on the final song location for his upcoming. The movie starring Surya and Kajal Aggarwal in lead has already burned producer’s pockets heavily. Filming in Croatia, Serbia, Russia, Albania and Macedonia, Maatraan composer Harris Jayaraj too enjoyed his bit going on a Mediterannean cruise before getting down to the tunes.

It worked, as three of the tracks were recorded in just seven days, including one hip dance number with the lead duo shaking their legs. Before moving on to the final song schedule, actor Surya decided to pay a surprise visit to the Settai shooting location , underway at Binny Mills, near the newly erected Maatraan sets. It is heard that Surya and Kajal will accompany director KV Anand to Alaska soon and wrap up the remaining portions. Harris Jayaraj will be composing the final song in a few days and once done the Alaskan schedule will get going. Maatraan which has performance capture technology utilized in it’s action scenes has just the one song left, with the talkie portions canned already. “Director KV Anand and team will be heading Alaska early June and with that we can start post production in full swing”, says a source in the know.Maatraan is set for an Independence weekend release.




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