Forbes India picks Rajinikanth Person of the year 2010


‘Forbes India’, the country’s leading commercial journal catering to the needs of industries and industrialists, has named superstar Rajinikanth as one of the ‘most influential Indians’ of the year 2010. The magazine, which has a world-wide circulation, is widely considered as the one which has the measure of the pulse of the commercial activities going on around the country and elsewhere.

On the eve of the passage of the year 2011 and the dawn of the new decade with the year 2011, ‘Forbes India’ has brought out a special annual souvenir which has many interesting articles and is a collector’s delight. The book also features a list of the most influential person in India.

The high-profile list features the names of achievers from a variety of fields including industrialist Anand Mahindra of Mahindra Group, Bihar’s long-standing chief minister Nitish Kumar, the fiery Union Environment minister Jairam Ramesh and Bollywood’s Rajkumar Hirani, the director of the record-breaking ‘3 Idiots’.

Superstar Rajnikanth happens to be the lone representative from Kollywood in the list and has drawn a special article about him in the title “Rajinikanth: Who Really Is the Super Star?” in which the article tries to explain why the actor was selected as the real superstar.

Rajini’s name is featured thanks to the colossal hit of his latest film ‘Enthiran: The Robot’ in all the three languages viz., Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Special reference has been made the way Rajni’s ‘Robot’ (title of the dubbed version in Hindi) managed to storm the Bollywood bastion, upsetting many direct Hindi films’ box-office collections on the way.

Rajini, whose last film in Hindi was the 1990 flick ‘Hum’ which had Amitabh Bachchan as his co-star, had been referred to the man who ‘returned to Bollywoood (through ‘Robot’) after 20 long years to conquer it’. Another notable and interesting fact revealed by ‘Forbes’ is that Rajni’s ‘Enthiran’ is by far the highest grossing Indian film (in any language) and had overtaken Hirani’s ‘3 Idiots’ long back.



  1. raman

    Rajinikanth spoiled tamil culture.. looting money by showing and kissing sexy actress and giving wrong idea to the puplic.. this idiot showing fucking action with actress who is eqaulent age of his daughters.. shamless of apearing infront of public and public shows with lots of tamil poor peopls mass.. tamilaaa tamilaa ..pls dont behind this dirty actress..

  2. murugan

    hi.. ur 100% forbes india wants to reach all across tamil peopls thatsy they naming rajinikanth as a person of year,, now a days news paper industries become business of maming money ….

  3. gal

    hi mr raman, forbes is not stupid to pick rajini as the person of the year without any reason.. if u, as a member of the public can think so much, they as the leading magazine would have thought alot and picked him from alot of other personalities.. so dun jus comment for the sake of it..

    and mr murugan, bcos of ppl like u only indiand(or rather tamils) neva prosper!!

  4. aditi

    As far as i know.. Forbes typicallly doesnt need the support of any more people to prosper, its an already prospered magazine which is famous for scrutinising and bringing out the clear cut results for each and every section of the magazine. And Sorry to say Raman and murugan yo guys need to learn english first to even comment in a public forum.. Dont just while away time giving such useless comments.. UR Comments are not gonna make any difference. Rajni is a legend, accept it or not the world does.. So JUST SHUT THE crap and get going with better business!

  5. aditi

    they prosper for the hard work they do and for all that they loose.
    They loose their personal life, their privacy bcaz of ppl like u.. they dont even get to live their life king size.. Had u worked harder, u wud hav prospered n not commented abt a fellow human being!

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