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Now that all  film stars feeling the need to be a part of  social network, now we have Shriya Saran to add to the list. But Shriya Saran is in twitter for an entirely different reason. A Peeping Tom on twitter was making life miserable for Shriya Saran by starting a fake account in her name.

Shriya while addressing on the issue, “The guy was constantly monitoring my movements and tweeting, which after a point made me scared. At times I was wondering whether he is behind me.”

Finally it was Shriya Saran’s friends who have helped her out of the issue. A close friend came to Shriya’s rescue and asked her to start her own Twitter account and start tweeting. Her friends advised her – “ It is the best way to beat the counterfeiter at his own game, and later get it verified, so fans across the globe will know that it is a true account.”

When contacted, Shriya said: “I’m glad that I have now started my own Twitter account. I hope this will stop the fake in misusing my name.”

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  1. Anonymous

    how the heck will that stop it? not that hard for the stalker to do this again or even hack the account..geez, stop making a big deal out of nothing!

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