Filmfare award winner Anjali too nervous to react


The talented Anjali deservedly got the Filmfare ‘best actress’ award for her mind-blowing performance in the film ‘Angaadi Theru’. The film, which was released last year, not only turned out to be a commercially success film but was also praised high by the print and television media. The film is said to be the ‘best effort’ as on date by its director Vasanthabalan.

The surprise package of the film was without doubt its heroine Anjali, for whom it was a once-in-a-lifetime role. The bubbly actress sank her teeth into the meaty role that she was presented with in the film and made full use of her expressive eyes in emotional sequences. The fact that she dubbed in her own voice for the film only added to her riveting performance in the film.

Last weekend, Anjali stood speechless for a few moments when called up to come on stage to collect her Filmfare award for ‘best actress’. Though she has done only a handful of films in Tamil, she is already being mentioned as an actress with ‘great potential’ who can match up to the likes of yesteryear’s actresses Suhasini, Saritha and Revathy.

Slightly nervous and excited, Anjali said that the award meant that the evening had become an ‘unforgettable’ one for her. Clad in figure-hugging red dress, the actress said she felt very happy that her performance had been noted and appreciated by one and all. In the same vein, she added that her happiness would have doubled had the film (‘Angaadi Theru’) too won the ‘best film’ award.

She said all the fame, awards and appreciation she was getting for her role in the film belongs to Vasanthabalan, the director, and added that the latter had a ‘knack’ of getting the best out of his actors. She also recalled the crash-course in speaking in the ‘Tirunelveli-dialect’ that she underwent prior to the start of the film’s shooting.


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