Fefsi fallout:Producers’ Council launches new Employees’ Union


The on-going tug-of-war between the film employees and workers represented by FEFSI and the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) represented by the producers and directors has taken an ugly turn with the Producers’ Council announcing the formation of a new Employees’ Union. Producers and employees are two sides of the same coin but the former launching an union in the name of the latter is unthinkable anywhere.

The new Union floated by the Council would have veteran directors and film-makers Bharathiraaja, Vijaya T. Rajendhar and R.K. Selvamani as its office-bearers. The Council’s move to float a new Union on 7th April coincided (as planned, though) on the date from which the FEFSI had announced an indefinite strike in order to make the Council agree to its demand of hike in wages to the workers and employees.

The newly formed body has been named as Tamil Nadu Thirappada Thozilalar Nala Sangam (Tamil Nadu Film Employees’ Welfare Association). The Council reportedly avoided the word ‘Union’ as it might cause problems in future.

The trio of Bharathiraaja, Selvamani and Rajendhar would be the office-bearers of the newly formed Sangam. Many employees and workers, sporting the new identity cards in the name of the Sangam, took part in the shooting schedules of various films on that day. The formation of the Sangam is expected to further make matters worse betweent eh Council and the FEFSI, which is planning fresh modes of protest.


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