Ameer complaint against Gnanavel Raja

FEFSI fallout: Ameer out of Bharathiraja’s film

Ameer complaint against Gnanavel Raja

The raging issue taken up with great vigour by FEFSI demanding higher wages for its employees and members of the affiliated bodies with the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) has claimed its first victim in the form of actor-director Ameer. The burly Ameer, who was cast by veteran director Bharathiraaja to play the lead role in his upcoming film titled Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum, now finds himself out of the film.

Bharathiraaja, who launched the film from his native Theni District some time back, had roped in actor-director R. Parthiban and replaced him in a rather unceremonious manner with Ameer saying that Ameer looked a ‘better bet’ than Parthiban for the role he had in his mind. It is now spoken about in hushed tones in Kollywood that Ameer’s stance in the wages row would have cost him his place in the film.

Refusing this, Bharathiraaja says that he was replacing Ameer mainly because of the ‘many changes’ he had recently made in the script. “I haven’t any ill-feeling against Ameer; in fact, he would surelybe part of my next film,” assures the ace director. It is, however, widely believed that the ‘sacking’ was a direct fall-out of the fact that Ameer has been the focal point in the dispute betweent he producers and the FEFSI.

Now that Parthiban and Ameer have been in and out of the film, it looks like the ace director might fall back upon his sone Manoj, who had acted in a few films including his own father’s Taj Mahal, to play the lead role in the film which also has Karthika of Ko fame and Ineya of Vaagai Sooda Vaa fame in the ledad roles. Actress-turned-politician Roja is also said to be playing a significant role in the film.


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