FEFSI condemns producer Gnanavelraja


In a signed statement released to the press, the president, general secretary and the treasurer of the Film Employees’ Federation of South India (FEFSI) have come out strongly in support of ‘actual’ producers and have said that FEFSI would never compromise with the ideals it stands for. They have assured that they’d go to ‘any length’ to save the body and those who survive depending on the body’s functioning.

M.A. Ramadurai, T. Siva and A. Shanmugam have signed the joint statement released to the press. In an apparent effort to assuage the feelings of producers, directors and film-makers, the statement said “The alleged calling off of the ‘strike’ by the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) to condemn Shri Ameer and FEFSI was so hollow as the strike didn’t take place at all. Shooting schedule of as many as 34 films took place in the State on the said day.

“The commotion witnessed at the special meeting of the TFPC yesterday only re-confirms out stand that the Council is managed by those who never produce films. FEFSI condemns the attitude of producer Gnanavelraja of Studio Green who appears hell bent on demolishing FEFSI which has had the patronage of 3 chief ministers of the State; it’s rather unfortunate that he is getting tacit support from certain quarters.

“After arriving at a decision on wage revision for FEFSI employees and workers of affiliated bodies, some vested interests in TFPC are purposely neglecting Labour Commissioner and the State Government. FEFSI would always stand by ‘actual’ producers; we’re here only because of them,” concludes the statement.


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