February 4 to 6 2011 – Chennai Box office collections

Box Office
Box Office

Well Paayanam is all set for release tomorrow. Here is how the Box office looks this week as of February 4 – 6,2011.

6) Pathinaaru

This movie is surely to be the first one to be pushed out of the competition as it fails to impress the audience. There has been a total collection of Rs. 17 lakhs.

5) Aadukalam

Well Dhanush has been really appreciating sans this effort for his performance although he too is finding it hard to hold on. Aadukalam rounded of at Rs. 18,92,975 totaling Rs. 3.01 crore.

4) Kaavalan

Vijay is not far behind in the race and surely has surprised everyone with this release,

Kaavalan sweeps Rs. 22,50,072 with total collections of Rs. 2.83 crore till now.

3) Thoonga Nagaram

We even we did not believe this to happen as the movie really has had a great opening

Another movie with Madurai as the backdrop but surely it is becoming a repeated affair with movies these days. Thoonga Nagaram takes home Rs. 28,63,785 in its opening weekend.

2) Siruthai

Entertainment is what everyone is looking for and this one has surely done it in style with a good pinch of comedy supporting the script .Karthi is surely not over celebrating Pongal. Siruthai takes away Rs. 32,43,573 totaling Rs. 3.73 crore and has taken the lead in the big Pongal clash.

1) Yuddham Sei

The audience is sure appreciating of something that is different these days. The movie is an alternate take on movie making. Yuddham Sei and in style grabs Rs. 34,07,168 in its opening weekend.

As February arrives Kollywood is sure to hit a backseat as the ICC Cup will be on everyone’s mind. The passionate movie goes will not leave anything to chance on February 11, 18 and 25.Let us see.



  1. Sanjeev

    1.Siruthai- 3.73 crores
    2.Aadukalam- 3.01 crores
    3.Kaavalan- 2.83 crores

    Vijay fans…. i can realise why u guys ripped Aaduklam banner near a theatre.
    Idhu ellam oru pollapu…..thu.

  2. Anto


    stupid reply from u Sanjeev

    Vijay will be always first

    some stupids like u dont like Vijay

    but 6 to 60 yrs peoples like Vijay thats true, please shut your mouth saying something bad about vijay

  3. Anto

    dont be selfish even im Vijay Fan, i dont speak wrong about Ajith thats Vijay Fans, but U peoples doesnt have sense at all.

    Vijay is the nxt superstar is agreed by all, then who the hell are u men.

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