Father rapes his 10-year old daughter

Father rapes his 10-year old daughter

Manjunath, the driver in the education department, Bangalore has been accused by his mother-in-law of raping his 10-year-old daughter from his first wife.

According to the police, 11 years ago, Manjunath had married Nagaveni and they had a daughter. Five years ago, Nagaveni vanished, and it was presumed that she had eloped with her boyfriend. Later, Manjunath married again and the girl continued to live with Manjunath and his second wife.

But Manjunath’s mother-in-law has lodged a complaint to the police stating that his son-in-law has sexually abused her granddaughter for over two years. She also lodged the complaint against Manjunath’s brother Harish and friend Kutty who also played their part in sexually abusing her.

The girl was then taken to the hospital for a medical checkup.

Jnanabharati inspector B T Chidananda Swamy said, “We are waiting for the medical reports. The girl gave a statement that her father raped her, while the two others had been sexually abusing her for the past two years”

Manjunath and the other two accused are absconding. Police said that they will be nabbed very soon.



  1. Anonymous

    I don't think that this is true. I think that mother in law is trying to revenge for something else by using this 3rd rate reason. If father found guilty, he should be punished and put in the jail. If not guilty, mother in law should be put in the jail. India has to change their law for the false dowry harassment case, if found the complaint is not true, the girl side should be punished. At the moment, it is working one way and no action for the false complaint.

  2. Anonymous

    FYI – If not guilty, why are the parties absconding??? India has one of the highest rates of sexual abuse, and yet, few children are able to speak out. The poor girl should be given counseling and the men have to be punished severely. God help girl children!

  3. Anonymous

    is the 1st anonymous STUPID!!!….if the men r not guilty..y r they in hiding!! read the ARTICLE PROPERLY!!! and plus…no daughter in the right mind would accuse her own father of sexual abuse unless it were true!!

  4. Anonymous

    Yup . I agree with anonymous June 22, 2010 1:07 PM …
    A Girl will not just like tat come and complain abt her own father.tat has to be defnitely true.
    I think it is absolute waste of time takimng them each time to the court , putting them in jail, judgement etc etc. If tat has been proved he should be shot the next second ( even the other two rascals )

  5. thinking dmart

    r u dumb anon june 22 wu;dnt u want to take vengence on your farther tht ran away with another lady,y not ,her life is ruined, her mother in law needs a way to vengence, so she uses her dauter inlaw for vengence, its like putting oil in the fire.

  6. Anonymous

    you r all dumd asses, y waste time judging others, first try pickin out the stone in ur own eyes b4 picking it out of some1 eles's

  7. Anonymous

    India is a Great Country in the World that is high on Spirituality, Family Values, Culture, Respecting Women because the Earth, Sky, Sea, Wind, and Fire are all represented by Women in our Society. India is a country that looks at their own daughter and sister like a mother. Being born in such a Great Country, by doing such low life acts, the amount of shame that is brought to the Country is equal to the amount of shame they bring to their own Mother.

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