Fans throng Melathaalam shoots for Madhavan ?


Heroine Abhinaya’s next release will be Melathaalam a comical romance, directed by Anbustalin. The movie has actor Nischala Krishna (Nikki) doing a sheepish character for the hero’s role. While shooting for the movie in the Pallangi region of Kodaikanal, those present at the sets had an amusing episode to share with us.

Director Anbustalin had his crew in place as he made his way to the sets, to get things rolling. On reaching the location, he was baffled to see the crowd that had thronged the surrounding area. He then politely asked all fans to give way, avoiding delaying the shoots unnecessarily. Only after getting in, did he come to know the truth behind the big get together. The locals who are ardent fans of actor Madhavan, had mistook hero Nischala to be the same. They even called him out saying “Maddy!” wanting to pose for just one photograph with their big star. While the embarrassed hero tried to convince them, saying he was not Madhavan and was Nikki, it was too late for many to believe. Giving up on showing them the truth of the matter, he shot for some more photos and winded up the shoots as soon as possible. The Melathaalam unit have shifted base from Kodaikanal to Chennai but actor Nikki still has no escape from the usual teases, as he’s called Maddy! Maddy! by his colleagues.


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