Ex-wife Lalitha Kumari rescues Prakashraj

Prakashraj - Lalitha Kumari
Prakashraj - Lalitha Kumari

Prakash Raj’s Payanam had landed itself in a legal tussle after Chennai financier Mahendra Kumar Jain entered the High Court to file a complaint against Payanam producer Prakash Raj. Mahendra accused Prakash of a pending amount of Rs. 79 lakh and 99 thousand and the court ordered the producer to pay up the sum or offer some kind of security to avoid halt in releasing the movie.

Well Prakash had laughed off one our calls on the phone saying “CONMEN can’t hijack PAYANAM” and even assuring us strongly that the movie will be releasing without any delay.

However Prakash could release the film only after his ex wife Lalitha Kumari offered her property as security, for the debt the actor owed Jain, with the High Court as demanded.

It may be worth mentioning here that the same Prakashraj failed to provide any sort of help to Lalitha when she was held for a theft case at Malaysia in July 2010.

A wonderful gesture by Lalitha though.



  1. Sanjeev

    This is called real wife. Mr. Prakashraj where is your Pony chellam gone,
    she is a famous choreographer in bollywood and cant she manage to lend you 80 laks.

  2. debon

    he missed a good wife na.nalla manaivi amaivathu oru varam.i pity 4 him 4 missed awonderful wife.even, he divorced his wife but she help him.wow she is great yar

  3. Vasin

    Nallavangla irkalam but she looks old; Prakash is still handsome. How can he feel happy taking her along by his side say going for a dinner?

  4. Vasin

    Illa Sanjeev, Marry pannumpothu nanna irpanga; aprom ‘sari settle aayitom’nu’ lazy aayiduvanga namba pombalenga; weight poatruvanga. 

  5. Vasin

    Innoru point gavnicheengala friends?

    Wife’a irnthalum sari girl’a irnthalum sari romba nallavangala irntha they loose sex appeal. His new wife is smart in not helping him; she is wicked; Prakash is going to be crazy about her.

    Prakash’oda ex wife namba mother grand ma generation pombalenga type. Good self sacrificing people. Aana not sexy.

  6. Vasin

    Hey Lalith

    Get a Physical Trainer. Do hard work outs to get back young looks and libido. Marry another guy. Why are you caring for Prakash? It doesn’t make sense. Gosh. He is with another girl!

  7. Vasin

    Puriyala? In the above issue I tell Lalith to be practical. Oh physical training pathi sloreenga? It can be done Anjalee. I don’t write her for fun.

  8. Vasin

    Lalith maathri nallavangala irntha ellarum vaalthuvanga; aana ovvoru naalum Laith would go to bed alone; atha vida koduma enna irku? Woman should not care about the society now. If you are lucky enough to have a stable relationship fine. If not it is important they spend ours in gym to remain young like Madona and make the most of what life offers. Oru kodi peru vaalthinalum oru day lover’oda spend pannara maathri varuma?

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  10. me

    what the hell….it’s called being human…..all u want in life is sex….so get ur lazy ass off and go to work, u lazy old bum

  11. me

    dude…we all know how lazy you are….ur probably a couch potato that watches tv and writes comments and eat chips all day…so stop talking, asshole

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