Anbu Mani Ramadoss against Mayakkam Enna smoking scene

Ex-Minister Anbumani alleges breach of smoking rules in Mayakkam Enna

Anbu Mani Ramadoss against Mayakkam Enna smoking scene

Anbumani Ramadoss, former Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare, has alleged that director Selvaraghavan’s latest film Mayakkam Enna has ‘breached’ certain rules stipulated by the Unon Government in respect of sequences showing smoking on-screen. For starers, Mayakkam Enna stas Dhanush and debutant Richa Gangopadhyay in lead roles.

Critics have praised Dhanush’s performance in the film as one of his ‘best’ as on date.

Meanwhile, Anbumani has said that “Effective from 14th November, new restrictions have been placed on depicting smoking sequences in films. Still, films releasing of late in Tamil Nadu don’t seem to pay heed to the instructions contained in the above-said order. Keeping in view the better future of the youth of our State, the film industry should learn to respect and abide by the orders passed in this regard.

“The State Government should also ensure that these rules are strictly adhered to. Mayakkam Enna, which released recently, has plenty of sequences showing the lead actors indulging in smoking. Though the film was censored by the Censor Board after the new smoking rules came into effect, for some reasons these sequences have been overlooked.

“The rule clearly stipulates that the hero of the film should say a thing or two about the evils of smoking at the beginning of the film; it also makes it mandatory to run a sentence showing ‘smoking is
injurious to health’ whenever such sequences are screened. Most of the films releasing in the State as well as the many television serials on air tend to ignore this very important aspect.

“I, therefore, appeal to the film industry to obey the rules in this regard. I also seek the intervention of State Government to ensure that these rules are adhered to in letter and spirit,”the former Minister has said.


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