Eraaa movie retitled Orr Eravu|New Age Horror film

Eraaa  Movie directed by Hari Shankar, Hareesh Narayan & Krishna Sekhar, is produced by Shankar Bros is a New Age Horror film,which is shot with a character’s viewpoint making the movie watch to fit themself in the shoes of the character and experience the fear. The word Eraaa in ancient Tamil means Night. Spirits n ghosts are believed to have a close kinship with Night. Based on this concept Eraaa has been penned .

Well, the makers of this film say that it is not called Eraaa anymore but has been renamed as Orr Eravu. It may be recalled that Orr Eravu is the title of the film that was made in 1954 and title rests with the production house major AVM.

However, on seeing Eraaa, Kalaipuli S Dhanu called upon the producer and one of the three directors’ of the film, Hari Shankar to tell them how impressed he was with the film. When the discussion moved on to the title, Hari told Dhanu about the title change. Immediately, Kalaipuli S Dhanu swung into action and on his request the production house magnanimously decided to part with the title.

Sathish. G is in charge of the camera, editing is by Hari Shankar,  though there is no songs in the movie,  a soundtrack “Naan Irandha Kadhai” (I am Dead) [Rock] has been scored by Venkat Prabu Shankar,


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