Endhirans theatrical trailers on September 11

Endirans theatrical trailers Poster

Endhirans theatrical trailers will be officially released on September 11 at a function held in Sathyam Cinemas, Ambattur Raaki and KK Nagar Kasi Theatre.

The poster reveals the names of theaters which will screen ‘Endhiran’ in the city limits of Chennai.In total Endhiran will be released in 30 screens, which is a record for the chennai limit. All the multiplexes have allotted more than one screen to ‘Endhiran’. In fact PVR Cinemas has given all its five screens to get a pool of audience from North Chennai.

The exact release date is expected to be announced during this function.



  1. rajini

    i feel like crying……..  joy tear…. i felt like i'am in heven…. oh my lord plz rescue me, i need to watch super star enthiran movie .. before dont made me me die ….heart attack…thanks to kolly …… i want to hug all ……..i love super star…

  2. m

    Hey don't get emption yaar….. u hear Blood Diamonds theme music yaarrr… its awsome struck…so you will get a cool  head mind…. me too egarly waiting to watch robo…..

  3. sfsdfsdfsdfsdf

    superstar pattaiya kalappa poran daa!!!
    Super… Just can't wait to see Endhiran.
    Robo is going to rock the party

  4. chiba

    this  about  money making  business  dont  die  r  something u  die  r mom  r  family r  land u  will be  appericate  all  the  times  but  fr  rajini   he  isssss………………   smart  man on evrrything
    even movie  and  religious  matter  be  a  man  just  watch movies  dont  addict  of  movies  that s kind  of  entertaniment  but  that  not  life

  5. rrajini

    Hi chiba….. c i expressed my love, are you my wellwisher no????? so why portraying me???? shit your self….. c

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