Endhiran Why you should watch: a preview

‘Endhiran’ is all set to make a mark in world cinema. With a day left for Endhiran Release, Rajini fever is hitting an all-time high in the city, fans of the Superstar are in for a treat.

The much-awaited movie of the year ‘Endhiran’ will release in 2000 screens worldwide, the highest ever for a Tamil film.  With a budget close to Rs. 200 crores, Endhiran is also going to be the biggest Indian film ever made not just in terms of the money spent on production but also on the line up cast and crew assembled for the film.

Endhiran – The Robot: Preview

Mission – creating a andro-humanoid robot – Chitti
Purpose – to help the society

A human who is not born but is created. He can dance, sing, fight, is water and fire resistant. He can do all that a human can and more. He feeds on electricity. He takes instructions literally. Where a human can lie to save himself this andro-humanoid robot Chitti cannot lie.

Where he has a razor-sharp memory and can memorize an entire telephone directory by just running through the pages, he cannot understand human emotions. Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajini) upgrades Chitti’s processor and simulates human emotions without realizing the repercussions. Chitti gets transformed. He can now feel, and the first feeling that he discovers is Love.
Will this love come in the way of Dr. Vasi’s purpose of creating Chitti? Will Dr. Vasi’s own creation destroy him?

Endhiran - Special Review

Endhiran Specialities:

Everything related to this movie is larger than life, be its international special effects or the mega bucks riding on the flick.

Cast and Crew – The Best of the World

‘Endhiran’ is backed by an impressive stable of cast including the most sought after hero Rajnikant, Ms. World Aishwarya Rai, Evergreen villain Danny Denzongpa among the others.

The technical crew of ‘Endhiran’ is hand-picked by Shankar from all over the world comprising the best of the world. Oscar Winner AR Rahman, Hollywood stunt director Yuen Woo Ping who designed action scenes for films like The Matrix, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, etc, Animatronics studio Stan Winston Studios which handled visual effects for iconic films like Aliens, Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park, etc.

Top Notch Special Effects:

Endhiran - Special Review

This trilingual movie is tipped to have top notch high quality special effects. This is the first Indian film to use the Stanswinston Studio’s animatronics technology that was earlier used in films like Jurassic Park, Iron Man, and the Terminator Series.

Industrial Light &  Magic that handled the special effects for films like Avatar, Star Wars, and Titanic has worked on visual and special effects. Buzz says about 40 per cent of the budget was spent on the special effects.

‘Chitti’ Robot – A Look-Alike of Rajini

Endhiran - Special Review

Shankar, the director of the movie aspires to fill every nook of his film with perfection, which is the reason, he has aped in Hollywood experts for ‘Endhiran’ technology and special effects.

Before the movie went on floors, director Shankar along with Rajinikant spent two weeks in Los Angeles to prepare the mould for the robot’s body. “The first step was scanning Rajinikant’s entire body to create a prototype. Using this prototype, Hollywood technicians created a robot ‘Chitti’ literally like his double,” says a source from the production house.

Confirming Chitti will be the part of promotional activities, Shankar says, “Yes, we are planning to fly down the android to India for our promotional activities.” Chitti can act, speak, dance, give interviews. What more do you need for promotions?”

Super Star’s Punch Dialogues

Endhiran - Special Review

Superstar Rajinikanth is the big daddy of punch dialogues as far as Tamil cinema is concerned. It would be no exaggeration if we say many young heroes are now traveling on the road laid by the top actor years ago.

And his forthcoming ‘Endhiran’ too has in store many punch dialogues. If reports are to be believed, some of them are loaded with political meanings, thereby conveying a message to the public and politicians.

‘Vazhkkai Koduppavan Vakkaalan, Vaaikkarisi Poduravan Vetpaalan’,‘Arthasasthram Unga Vazhi, Dharmasasthram En Vazhi’, ‘Arasiyalil Endrumey Naan Nirayuthapani’, were some of the punches mouthed by the Superstar for ‘Endhiran’.

Endhiran – The Real Mass Win

The monetary benefits of Endhiran have already started coming in, including advertisement revenue from the telecast of events such as the audio release and the theatre trailers released on the Sun Network channels. The tickets for the film marked record advance booking for the first few weeks, ensuring a bonus for all distributors who picked up the rights at astronomical prices, which is estimated to be five times the price paid for Shankar’s earlier blockbuster Shivaji… the boss.

Ever since the rushes of the movie were out, it is creating mass hysteria. The promos itself speaking about the gold ‘Endhiran’ is going to spin at the box office. Well, it seems that every bit related to this big- budget extravaganza is getting bigger and better. With, Shankar and Rajni duo trying to make impossible into possible, we hope that the movie proves to be worth the wait and the crores.



  1. jess

    u r a proper old man u got 2 daughter and 2 grandson u shoukdn`t act in movie like this. i am soorry to says this . this what is true u should what u looks like first fall getting on to a movie kkkk

  2. ajay krishna

    enthiran is an bollywood tamil movie i am 100 percent sure that this will earn a profit of 50 crores .
    rajani is super in this movie
    what an stunts are there in movie.

    bye ,have a nice day with enthiran

  3. rina

    ever1 shud b proud tat an indian is also capable of coming up wit a movie such as endhiran…..hands off 2 d team as a whole

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