Endhiran script is mine, claims another professor

Director Shankar
Director Shankar

With already so many controversies hogging Shankar during his shoots for Moovar, it seems his bad luck continues to haunt him with claims for credits by many for his last venture Endhiran.

Initially 2 writers had filed a case against him for stealing the scripts we covered the articles before, have a look at them here for more details.

Now a Bangalore-based professor He is M V Vijay Kumar, Director of Research, New Horizon Research Foundation, and Professor and Head of the Department of Information Science and Engineering, New Horizon College of Engineering has come forward in claiming the theme for the movie.

Close sources from Bangalore on Monday reported that he claims

“The film’s story, its theme and technical ideas have been lifted from his thesis published by him on a UK website. In my thesis, the capabilities of the robot are similar to the one in ‘Endhiran’ and the script also follows the sequences mentioned in his thesis,”

Moreover like others who wanted a share in the credits for the movie he also sent a notice to Shankar and producer Kalanidhi Maran seeking compensation.

Well Endhiran is already losing its viewers lately after so many allegations by various writers and professors, we doubt if it is a really a case of stealing and more a case of his contemporaries rooting against him, doesn’t an artist have the right interpret his ideas his own way? Why did the writer in the first place make the thesis public if it was so precious to him?



  1. abcdefg

    endhiran was adpated from sujatha’s ‘en iniya endhirane’ and if shankar copied this a**hole then this idiot must have copied from sujatha.. shameless dog can come forward so long after the movie was released.. only if sujatha was alive these f**kers wont dare come forward!!

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