Endhiran release in Fiji Islands

Rajnikanth starrer Endhiran is entertaining audiences in as far as Fiji Islands after already touring the world and being screened at 300 screens overseas.

The Hindi version of the movie by the title ‘Robot’ has been released in the Fiji Islands thanks to High Ground Enterprise, an Indo-UK based Production and Distribution Company.

Considering the fact that Fiji Islands is inhabited by a large group of Tamilians, the release will surely be a favored choice amongst the crowd. The movie has been released in 4 theaters and as expected has received a good response from the local government too who relished Robot’s first show in support.

Sun Pictures surely seems to be bank upon the profits being generated by ‘Robot’ as they are not hesitating in showcasing the movie in remote areas in an attempt to escalate the viewership by all means.

We hope every Indian gets a chance to watch this marvelous fantasy fiction.


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