Endhiran Live Updates from Malaysia

Endhiran Malayasia Updates

This is for those of who are not able to attend/watch the function live, your team brings live updates from Malaysia,


The memorable event ends. Thank you for being with us. Wishing the Endhiran Team to reach the highest sucess,

12.25 AM

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Saxena:Endhiran will be released in September and will be a Pinnacle of Tamilcinema

12.22 AM

Saxena says The audio in India is a total sell out within the two hours of launch. We have got striking orders,

12.22 AM

Vote of Thanks by Saxena,

12.21 AM

As usual Super Star finishes with a Moral…a super speech by the star!

12.14 AM

Super star says : Vairamuthu is to me like Vaali was for MGR…Rajini heartfuly thanks all the technicians.

12.13 AM

Super star says : ARR Rahman is a man without ego. Spiritual is one cuts off ego. Rahman is spiritual,Rahman is a yogi. no ego takes the side of love. Tamil people are fortunate to have AR Rahman among us

12.11 AM

Super Star: Aishwarya is beauty with brain,there wont be any other beatiful woman like Ash in future… she is more beautiful without make up

12.08 AM



Rajini says Kalanidhi, Shankar, Arrahman. Aishwarya are the important four people i want to thank. thanks Simbu,jayam Ravi,Ramya Krishnan,Shreya,Sangeetha,This film will be making history This a film of Hollywood standards,Kalanidhi Maran is a star who all stars and industrialists want to meet…. before endhiran i asked Kaml about Shankar Kamal said he is fantasctic but difficult to work with…In Endhiran I didnt do anything on my own I just did what Shankar asked me to to….

12.05 AM


Rajini kanth on Stage starts with Ella pugazhum iraivanukke,thanks the crowd, unga porumaikku hats off..

12.00 PM

Vivek : Villain panradhu Rape , Comedian panradhu Rap.

Rajini being invited to the stage

A to the B the C to the D .. ivar odumabula oduthu electriity…. E to the F to the D .. ஸ்டைலுக்கு இவர்தான் University,,, he continues ,, simplicity, publicity..

11.57 PMRajini-Aishwarya


Irumbile Oru Idhaiyam Song on stage

11,48 PM

Vivek Comments Aishwarya could have been host, she has thanked every one except  the person who kept the mike..

11.46 PM

Aishwarya Rai starts with Vanakam in Tamil and Malaysia.Enthiran will be a landmark film in Indian cinema,For Shankar “Nothing is Impossible”. Jeans is a landmark of my carrier, ash thorougly enjoyed Endhiran thanks AR Rahman says vairamuthu gives character to his words, ash thanks Randy for keeping her creatively connected with the film all days,  and Finishes of with praises on Rajini,says he is a power house of talent.

11.44 PM

Aishwarya Raiiiii  is Invited to stage

11.38 PM


Shankar: Without two people, Enthiran Project is practically not possible in Tamil. 1. Superstar….Shankar salutes Rajini’s HardworkKamal and Vikram are well known for their hardwork for different getups. For the first Rajini sir puts equal or more effort than them..the second person responsible for this dream project to be a reality is Kalanithi Maran

11.35 PM

Shankar says Aishwarya can be called a Lady Rajini…Like Rajini she is liked by children to old alike

11.30 PM

Shankar:Shankar emotinally describe the situations of creating the songs,Shankar likes the Pudhiya Manidhan song the most……Cameraman Ratnavel has done a tremendous job….Standing ovation for Rathnavel,cinematographerEndhiran

11.26 PM

Shankar:there is another situational song robot and the heroine love and Rahman onverted it into a great number,Madan Karki wrote this difficult song

Shankar:AR Rahman is different Kilimanjaro is a tribal song and AR Rahman made it fit in this sci fi film

11.23 PM


Shankar: Every one in the Endhiran team is capable of winning Oscar awards including Anthony, Sabu Shril in addition to Rahman & Resul Pookutty

11.20 PM


Vivek Invites Shankar on stage,  Shankar starts with a Vankkam… I ve been to Malaysia many times for Nayak, Jeans and it is also told only Jeans ran for 100 days… that time rahman and aishwarya was in the team, now Rajini Sir also joins us, hope u would make the film run for 200 days in malaysia.

11.16 PM

Now dancers on stage for Arima Arima song,Men in Robots (Costume) dancing for Arima Arima song,For those curious of seating posn , Aish sits next to Super star and so Kalanidhi Maran.

11.08 PM



Making of Endhiran shown on Screen… : Enthiran is not only an entertainment Masala ; its an experience – Superstar

11.02 PM


what is to say about Rajini His secret of success is that he loves hardwork and all around Tami…..what is to say about Rajini His secret of success is that he loves hardwork and all around Tamil…..My first song is ponmalai pozhthu but my first release was Kaali so my song was first sung by Rajini on screen…similarly he is the first to mouth my son Karki’s song it is a prvilege for me……i read books on robots for months if somebody can get Ocsar it is Shankar….. long but interesting talk by kavinyar vairamuthul

10.58 PM


Vairamuthu begins Tamil vanakkam to Malaysia I like two tings here today,one you know where to be quiet and where to clap,Rajini said once singam singilahatham varum but now many lions are together here….Rajini, Aishwarya, Shankar, Maran, AR Rahman Vairamuthu thanks Maran for taking up a dream project like this…Vairamuthu thanks Maran for taking up a dream project like this..

10.55 PM


invites Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu on stage Vairamuthu on stage

10.54 PM


Vivek back. says songs are strength to Shankar films most of them are by Vairamuthu

10.50 PM

Kadhal Anukal song is being performed on stage
10.38 PM

He feels this show is a step taking Tamil to world stage
10.35 PM

AR Rahman on stage now with a very big welcome ARR says ella pughazhum iraivanukke
10.35 PM

Vivek calls ARR on the stage…
10.34 PM

rajini looks damn cute boys
10.32 PM

the trailer rocks colorfull
10.31 PM

now a song trailer of Endhiran in ion big screen
10.31 PM

1st song Kilimanjaro on air now!
10.27 PM

Vivek calls Producer council president Sivasakthi Pandian
10.26 PM

SAC : endiran is made by 5 wizards,in Tamil he meant ‘mandhiravathi’, first is Rajinikanth, second the the beatiful Aishwarya,third is the musical wizard ARRahman,Shankar is another mandhiravathi who managed them all, the biggest waizard of all in Sun Pictures
10.25 PM

SAC greets Malaysian people on behalf of Vijay
10.25 PM

Vivek calls SA Chandrasekar on stage
10.24 PM

Radha Ravi : AR Rahman made hindi people listen to Tamil songs
10.23 PM

Radha Ravi : MSV made people to listen to Tamil songs, ilaiyaraja made Hindi song listners to listen to tamil songs,
10.23 PM

Radha Ravi is surpised to see Shankar from Thillarajan troupe has grown so big
10.21 PM

Radha Ravi thanked Sun Pictures for inviting him for the show
10.20 PM

karuna : I am is slave to the simplicity of of Super Star
10.19 PM

Karuna is on stage Karuna’s thanks Sun Tv for converting comedian loduku Pandi into hero Dindigal Sarathy
10.18 PM

Santhanam says Rajini sir is like a saint he reads mind … I
10.17 PM

Vivek invites Santhanam to speak
10.16 PM

1 hour gone for audio launch. Vivek handling emcee job well, jayam ravi,shreya,simbu spoken. Can’t find ash. Hall more filled now
9.36 PM

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