Endhiran First Day at Dubai – Video

Superstar Rajinikanth’s much-awaited Enthiran (Robot in Telugu and Hindi), India’s costliest film ever made has already graced theatres in some parts of the world. However Indian fans of Rajinikanth are just few hours away from viewing.

Endhiran’s  very first show started at Dubai’s Hyatt Gallerie theatre at 7:30 am this morning. According to the fans from Dubai, who managed to watch the first show of ‘Endhiran’, the film is a never-seen-before spectacle on screen!  The fans loved the Super Star Rajini on screen performing the dual roles.
Here are few tidbits about the film, from the fans in Dubai’s Hyatt Gallerie theatre !!!
  • “Rajini acting is simply superb and it would definitely be a milestone in his career”.
  • “It may not be possible for anybody from India to make such a brilliantly made hi-tech commercial film ever again”.
  • “There are no punch dialogues as such, but all the dialogues of superstar are quick, witty and crisp” .
  • I will not say that ‘Endhiran is influenced by any Hollywood film. ‘Endhiran’ is an original international Indian film”
Endhiran First Day at Dubai – Video


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