Endhiran completes a 100 days

The magic is still on
The magic is still on

Released on October 1, 2010 Rajinikanth starrer Endhiran has made a strong hold of 100 days at the theaters as on January 08, 2011. Records reveal that last week collections totaled to about 1.5 lakhs.

When other movies try to hold on strong for about 10 days the Superstar flick has been holding up about 10 theatres in Chennai alone. Well not unbelievable by any means for a Rajini flick as fans are still enjoying the film in theatres across Tamil Nadu.

Many of us will readily nod in unison for another watch and we would surely love to soak in the thrilling experience provided by Chitti, Sana and Vaseegaran on screen for one last time.

So how many of you are shouting “Once More”?



  1. unnai Pol oruvan

    the movie should break the record of Chandramukhi…. Rajni proved once again to the world that he is world star. JAI HO “Chitti” 😛

  2. Boss

    Wat a Movie…. One of the best Graphics used in an Indian movie… This movie wouldn’t happened without Rajini,Shankar & Maran..

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