Endhiran Collects 225 Crores in Two Weeks

Endhiran Rajini-Aishwarya Rai

South India has clearly been hit by a storm called Rajinikanth.

Super Star Rajinikant’s magnum opus Endhiran – The Robot is all set to outclass all the other new movies by breaking all records at the box office. It has been reported that the film has made a bag-full box office collections of Rs. 225 crore in the intitial two weeks,and the counting is still on.

The film made at the whopping budget of Rs.170 crore grossed 225 crores from multiple versions, with most of it coming from one state: Tamil Nadu. The Rajini film has generated a gross of upto 150 crores from Tamil Nadu theaters;

And that the Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka zones have collectively netted more than Rs.50 crores. If the Rs.31 crores which has been netted by the Hindi version ‘Robot’ is taken into account, the total collection crosses Rs.225 crores.

The record gain of Endhiran has proved that superstar Rajinikant has won great fanfare beyond Tamil arena. Trade analyst N.P. Yadav disclosed that Amir Khan’s 3 Idiots was the last film to net Rs.150 crores. But, Endhiran/ Robot surpassed its record collecting Rs 200-225 crore worldwide since its release on October 1 which is nearly double of Dabangg and is still going strong..

Industry experts assert this Rajani factor behind the record collection of movie saying “It is Rajinikant’s charisma that works in his favour. Moreover it is an out-and-out masala film, with Aishwarya to add to the glamour quotient, the lavish locations and extravagant special effects.”

According to the cine critics, the Endhiran/Robot is already a commercial hit but also is the best film of Rajnikanth.



  1. Any

    I dont know why all our people get angry if some body points out the truth.
    Tamilan you are right its all fake news.

  2. senthil

    . People spend lavishly in Tamil Nadu. spending 225 croes for a movie is waste, They can make use of the money for some good developments.Its all people money that is spent.

  3. aaradhana

    It doesnt necessarily have to be fake.. I know for a fact that about 30 of us watched the movie paying $50 tickets about 20 times in the first 1 week.. Then I think there would have been crazy fans like us to have watched the movie so many times generating the collection.. And its a movie released worldwide.. so imagine!!!

  4. Naren

    Hello Mr senthil, if u think dat ppl waste money in watchin this movie then y d hell u came here postin ur ideas.
    Better get into politics n direct ppl in gud way.
    Itz easy 2 comment on others. Rajini s a grt person makin grt business.
    Even so many ppl get satified wid dis run.
    If u like giv applause r else get lost. No one is compellin u to watch it.
    U bloody crap.

  5. rasigan

    பாருங்கப்பா! 65 வயது கிழவனும் 45 வயது கிழவியும் நடித்த படம் எப்படி ஓடுதுன்னு!!!

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