Endhiran 3D English Version

Endhiran Rajinikanth

While Endhiran’s grip at the box-office is still tight, Sun Pictures has reportedly planned to dub the film in English as well.

Not just being dubbed in English, Endhiran’s Indian versions – Tamil, Telugu, Hindi along with the new English version will have added 3D Video footage!

A 7-minute 3D effect scene was made for Endhiran but this was not included in the movie. Now, there are reports that the producers are contemplating on adding these sequences in the Tamil, Telugu and Hindi versions.

Apparently, the producers want to make it a hit among the international audiences too, and in this effort, they have decided to add a few 3D effect scenes.

Well looks like the English version is sure to happen along with the 3D footage and Superstar Rajinikanth will have an increased fan base after the English release!



  1. xyz

    rajini doesn’t hav gud personality.he doesnt knw dancing, acting..his movies gt succeeded for some other reasons. In padaiyappa nilambari’s character is the best similarly in chandramugi jyothika’s character.same way endhiran gt succeded bos of new concept by sankar.but this guy s getting all the credits how come.he cant stand infront of kamal’s acting.

  2. xyz

    I couldn’t stop laughing when his fans were doing some funny activities during this film release.same thing happens fr vijay and ajith films too.y these people are behaving like this.crazy people.. 🙂

  3. to xyz

    WTF xyz.. u saying rajini doesnt have gud personality?? the films which u mentioned padaiyappa and chandramugi.. ppl came to watch those movies just coz of rajini.. not for ramya krishnan or jokthika.. can you imagine any other hero doing those roles.. even if they did the film will be a flop for sure… if the film makes 10 crores profit, then 7 crores is coz of rajini.. thats rajini…

  4. Madhan

    Did u watch the movie Idiot, go and watch and then speak.. The Villain Charater Rajini will get the best  Acting wait and watch.. Adhu eva ramya krishnan, jyothika..  Dont compare Gold with Pithaalai..

  5. jena (to XYZ)

    bruv kamal cant act hes butters prob lik u, about talk bot rajini cpm dwn est ill show u bitch 
    watch his film and kamls goldwith below bronze(SAND(

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