Balaji Sakthivel

Emotional Balaji Sakthivel prostrates in front of media persons

Balaji Sakthivel

Director Balaji Sakthivel did the unthinkable at the recent press-meet called by Lingusamy, the producer of Balaj’is latest directorial venture Vazhakku Enn.18/9 (VE). Though the film was made with minimum budget, the films’ quality and Balaji’s sincerity in filmmaking has caught the attention of the critics and movie-goers who have been appreciating the film in a big way.

Vazhakku Enn 18/9 Success Meet Stills and Video

The film has a horde of newcomers who don’t hail from rich families or from posh backgrop. Films like these, while getting appreciated by the critics, tend to falter at the box-office but VE is different as it has been doing very well at all the centres. Balai and Lingusamy shared their happy moment with the press on the eve of the film’s success at the event held at a five-star hotel in the city.

Balaji was moved to tears as the lead actors thanked him for his confidence in them in casting them in the film. When his turn to speak came, he said he doesn’t have the habit of talking much but this was a moment to speak and share his joy. He then prostrated in front of everyone presented there expressing his gratitude for the support for his film. His act moved everyone to tears.

Lingusamy thanked the press for its support in promoting the film. “I was assured of the film’s success when the journalists invited for a special show of the film gave it a standing ovation after the show was over,” he said. He also assured that his Tirupathy Brothers would continue to make such meaningful movies.


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