Ellaam Nalam assures Shankar,completes Nanban 2nd schedule in Dehradun

Shankar and Vijay at the sets

Director Shankar has come out with some fresh announcements for Nanban fans. ‘Ellaam Nalam(All Is Well)‘ came the confirmation from the director after completing  the 2nd shooting schedule for Nanban in Dehradun.The shoots were going on college premises and the director loved the campus air as he shares, “It’s a visually wonderful campus.” The Nanban experience has been a completely new one for Shankar especially working with Vijay, Sathyaraj, Ileana and many others.He is really excited how things have turned out so far.He further added “Vijay-Sathyaraj combo is fresh and fantastic.Vijay, Jeeva and Srikanth’s ‘Physics’ & ‘Chemistry’ is working very well, behind the camera too.”

Shankar is all praises for the dedication everyone has put in at the sets and says that each one of them present have ‘started living their roles’. A thrilling outing all together for the rejuvenated director who believes the raw reality of the storyline in Nanban is in complete contrast from that of the fantasy sci-fi offering ‘Endhiran’.

Don’t forget to check out the stills right from the Nanban sets.

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  1. TRUTH

    Hey guys and girls wait and see the movie in screen,,,,,after only we can guess it will be a floop or sucess. But as i know in India almost 98% of people already watch this 3 IDIOTS,,,,at a short time they are remaking this filim in tamil – so that peoples dont have that much intrest to see in tamil remake- just fans can see this movie,,,,,,,,,,

  2. raj

    Thalapathy Rockz…..its now his turn….kavalan hit, velayudham with raja, Nanban with shankar, ponniyin selvan with mani ratnam….this is the 1st time he acts with big directors after gilly….

  3. raj

    well, thats what you think…lol…dont think that others would tell same shit what u said :P….if vijay is in da movie it will be a mega hit …

  4. stanly

    heloo  dear only in north side 3idiots is famous…………in south they know d movie but did not watch it…………nanban is surely a mega hit

  5. stanly

    heloo  dear only in north side 3idiots is famous…………in south they know d movie but did not watch it…………nanban is surely a mega hit

  6. Vasin

    Yean girls ellam Surya’va prefer pannaranga’nu puriyalaya? Mela main photo’la Vijay’oda groin area’va paarunga; no flesh. Aprom last snap’la Vijay’oda bum’a paarunga; pathetic. Vijay is a fit guy; yean ipdi irkunu theriyala?

  7. rukshan

    well…looks like u r in a gay situation here…he’s 36 , but he doesnt look old as 36…look at ajith he’s older than vijay, but he looks really old…….vijay is silent in real, but when he comes on screen, rocking…not like other actors, talk too much, same shit on screen…

  8. rukshan

    wow…thalapathy is back with bangs…i heard that he will do a movie with shankar assistant…i dont really know why hasnt act with big directors all these past years..but stilll he rocked…Nanban’ da…

  9. BJP

    Truth, all tamilanz (80%) dont know hinid you idiot  the tamil movie is for tamilan  not for you northi kutha..

  10. roshan

    surya overact…….n try to show his body…lol..tell him to go n act in malayalam to show up his body…he can make more money…loosers

  11. vinoth.raj

    hahahaha….thats ur thought…it doesnt mean he’s the best actor..looser…he has to depend on big name directors…not like vijay…he has been acting with average directors, except tharani, pirabu deva, but he still on the top….surya can even stand beside vijay …in south india its vijay whos getting high salary after rajini, n kamal…no one can beat vijay dance, humor, cute expressions….

  12. Vasin


    I am not a fan of any fucin bloke but I like Vijay more than others but when I see something odd I like to comment.

    It is not just us males who look at groins and buttocks of girls. First I was really surpirised to hear from a girl (not my girl) that they like male buttocks. I don’t fucin care about ages of actors. If they deliver fine. Delivering means on and off the screen. Vijay is very poor off the screen. It seems like ‘nalla pulle maathri nadichu CM aayidalamnu parkaraaru’; people like you naively believe ‘jaasthiya pesama quiet’a irkaravanga nallavanga, saathika koodiyavanga,……I too believe Vijay is potent but now it seems he heavily orchestrate things about and around him. 

  13. kirthi

    ya this is the good time for vijay.. am eagerily waiting for next moment like stills of this film.. because the original version of the hindi 3 idiots the photography is excellent .. so am waiting good stills from shankar sir.. and also please don’t use original version photography… becaz all are well known the hindi 3 idiots stills.. so please sir do fresh stills…

  14. Ranjith

    dont you have sense of humor!!!!surya only can speaks a lot like bullshit!!!!!!!do you think personal apperance can make man;s perfect….ever he is an shit actor and fortunately his directors are making him to hit the moviies…shut your ass and do your job…Vijay not in needs of your wishes……..

  15. Velavan

    Vijay doesnot know anything except copying from Telugu and Malayalam movies, Now , he is copying from Hindi Movies also

  16. Maadhavi

    Vijay is a good comedian, he pays for news about him and tries to projects himself by bribing many journalists to write about him good imaginative things

  17. loges

    well…he tells that he remakes of telugu movie..not like other actors copying movies…big directors gowtham menon big copy cat of hollywood, murugadas…gajini was copies from Momento…VTV copies from 500 summer days, agen was copied frm sharukan movies…so vijay is way better than these cheap asses….
    chk this out..looser:

  18. loges

    hahahah….this is the big comedy of 2011….ungada imagination oru alave illaya…oruvella washroom la irunthu think panuveengalo…poi velaya paarungappa……

  19. neha

    hey see jeeva face.. he looks very funny in the last still… atleast srikanth shows some expression for tat scene..

  20. Vasin

    Hey Look at groins and buttocks as well. Face’ku body’ku comment kudukara maathri groin’ku buttocks’ku comment kudunga! 

  21. Vasin

    Breast cancer patients situation maathri irku Vijayo’oda groin and buttocks. Vijay’ku Groin Cancer and Bum Cancer! Renduthayum remove pannitaanga!

  22. BJP

    haaa… haaa… neeee oru porukeeda Vaaa… sin ellamal eppadi porukketharam solla mudiyaathu… chumma…. pongadai… ha ha ha …..girls  judge…. ha ha ….better …haaaaaaaaaha ha 

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